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Recipe Index: Kid Friendly Recipes

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I have had some people say they are having a hard time finding all of the kid friendly recipes on 3 Boys and a Dog.  So, today I am taking the time to link all of my recipes in one location.


  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  2. Pizza Dip
  3. Pizza Pinwheels
  4. Parmesan Fondue <—definitely party favorite!
  5. Roasted Pecans
  6. Jerk Chicken Nachos

Cookies, Candies, and Desserts:

  1. Cool Mint Oreo Cookie Balls
  2. Kelli’s Fantasy Fudge
  3. Magic Cookie Bars
  4. Oatmeal Cherry Cookies
  5. Chocolate Brownie Pie
  6. Turtle Brownies
  7. Ice Cream Cake Roll
  8. Warm Caramel Apple Cake
  9. Kitty Litter Cake <—my boys think it is AWESOME
  10. Twinkie Tiramisu
  11. Butterfly Cupcakes
  12. Easy Peanut Butter Cookies <—the easiest! and our fave
  13. Four Layer Delight <—this is a highly requested item

Holiday and Season Recipes:

  1. Mummy Face Pizzas
  2. Autumn Spice Cookies
  3. Uses for leftover Halloween Candy
  4. Strawberry Surprise Freezer Jam

Main Dishes:

  1. Weight Watchers Mexican Chicken Chili
  2. Lemon Pepper Tuna and Bean Salad
  3. Toasted Ravioli
  4. Pasta Primavera with Basic White Sauce
  5. Angel Hair Frittata
  6. Tortellini salad with Dijon Vinaigrette
  7. Loaded Chicken Breasts
  8. French Drip Beef
  9. Skillet Queso
  10. Girl Scout Stew
  11. Spicy Chicken and Rice Flu Chaser Soup
  12. Chicken Stew
  13. Taco Bake <—Mom and Dad’s Fave!
  14. Tater Tot Casserole
  15. Seafood Gumbo
  16. Easy Chinese Stir Fry
  17. Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
  18. Leftover Soup <—very frugal meal as it is FREE
  19. Frito Pie
  20. Asian Beef Noodle Bowl
  21. Foil Pack Taco Chicken <—Tripp’s Fave!
  22. Saucy Beef Chili <—5 ingredients, 1 pot!
  23. Saucy Parmesan Chicken
  24. One-Pot Roasted Pork Supper
  25. Rotel Dip with Hamburger Meat
  26. Kelli’s Spaghetti
  27. Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs
  28. Crock Pot Pizza <—family fave, but not cheap
  29. Cheesy Broccoli Chicken Casserole
  30. Pizza Quesadillas Recipe

Side Dishes:

  1. Dilly Pickle Potato Salad
  2. Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
  3. Homemade Creamed Corn
  4. Oven Roasted Red Potatoes
  5. Freckled Face Wow! Wow! Wubbzys (biscuits)
  6. Onion Mashed Potato Casserole
  7. Brown Rice made from White Rice

Please, feel free to share your favorite recipes!

Sharing is caring!


Thursday 7th of April 2011

Wow...I never read indexed recipe before. This post are rare in the internet and very hopefull for everyone who like cooking and eat just like me.


Friday 25th of March 2011

Great list of recipes, thanks. I'm really getting in to cooking at the moment, now I have lots of ideas to try. mm..

Tami Vollenweider

Tuesday 1st of February 2011

I'm keeping these in my Favorites!Thanks,I'm always on the look out for some new Recipes!


Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Thanks for all of these great recipes!

Mama Kelly aka Jia

Monday 31st of January 2011

A great list of recipes. I'm always looking for new things to cook when I do my once-a-week cooking marathon. You've given me a bunch of great ideas.


Tuesday 1st of February 2011

@Mama Kelly aka Jia, I am so glad, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by!