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Hi there! Welcome to 3 Boys and a Dog! My name is Kelli and I run a household filled with 3 boys and a dog. OK so technically there are now five boys, four dogs, and a TON of cats. However, when I started this amazing journey in 2006, I only had 3 boys and 1 dog.

Many of those boys are now basically grown and that little doggie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. But, she gave us a couple of litters before moving on. We have 1 pup from the first litter and 2 from the second. Then, we have a huge teddy bear doggo who lives outside.

Anyway, you are not here to read about me! You are here to find out what this site is about and how to navigate it easily. Right?

Whether you stumbled across my blog from a google search or from someone sharing a post, we’re glad you are here. If you are looking for something specific, you can search for it using the little magnifying glass in the top right of my site.

We cover a wide range of resources here but keep scrolling to learn about each of the main sections of our blog. Then…

simply click on the image of the one you are most interested in!

You can always get back to this page by clicking the “New? Start Here!” words on the top right of our blog. But also, each one of these sections is clickable from the small images over there —>>> on our sidebar.

This fun section focuses on making sure you have fun at all those important milestones and events throughout your life.

You will find parties, printables, guides, and even recipes for Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, & HolidaySeasons

We also have gathered up TONS of awesome gift ideas.

Plus, no more struggling with the perfect thing to say! Find all of our favorite inspirational quotes here.

Whether you prefer staying home with some hands-on crafts or boos or traveling around the USA, you will find the resources for it in this section.

You will also find tons of tips, tricks, and ideas for a family movie night and a family game night.

Finally, we have a big section of toys especially for toddlers: from the classic to unique – you are sure to find it here!

Honestly, when I made this category I had plans for it to be all things in the kitchen. Then, over the next 15 years, my recipes grew to almost unmanageable numbers!

Here at 3BD, we have somewhere around one thousand delicious, kid-friendly, mom-approved recipes!

So, clicking that picture to the left is going to take you to a crazy-long, sorted, labor of love!

Or, go straight to our recipe index.

This is where to go to find fun (but educational) activities for your kids.

You will find tips on homeschooling, after-schooling, and even “sometimes-schooling” your little ones.

We have tons of free printable goodies to keep your little ones busy and learning!

Most of our educational content is geared towards preschool through early elementary.

Find tips on cleaning, decorating, and organizing!

Freezer cooking and menu planning, all covered here as well.

Because we use essential oils to keep our home clean and smelling nice as naturally as possible, you will also find that info in this section.

If you love to take care of your home and love finding new ways to do just that, this section is for you!

Finally, scroll past the comments and such to find a ton of menu links including links to our store & other websites!

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you stick around for a long time!

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