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25 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes (but better!)

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You’re going to love these McDonald’s Copycat recipes. Not only are they way better than fast food, but they’re also super simple to make as well. We all know that the Big Mac sauce is awesome…but when you’re making it at home, it’s just that much better!

These recipes are an awesome way to make a simple and fast dinner at home. (without the addition of spending money on fast food!)

make your favorite mcdonalds recipes at home

The next time your kiddos are wanting happy meals or a quarter pounder with slices of American cheese, this list of copycat McDonald recipes are certain to be your saving grace.

When it comes to tasty food, chicken nuggets and French fries are always a good idea. (and don’t forget the Shamrock Shake!) But when you don’t want to leave your house, it’s time to crack that special sauce McDonald’s recipe and make your own at home.

Is Big Mac sauce Thousand Island?

While so many people think it is, it’s actually not! (I know, shocking!) But have no fear, you’ll figure out soon enough that with a few sweet pickle slices and some added extras, you can get that same taste and flavor with ease. (and no, there’s no tartar sauce in it either!)

How many buns are in the Big Mac?

There are three buns in the Big Mac – the top bun, the middle bun, and the bottom bun. Combine these between the multiple ground beef patties and and you’re in for a treat. (Don’t forget the dill pickles!)

25 Recipes To Make Your Own McDonalds Food

Check out these McDonald Copycat recipes that are simple and delicious!

See how simple it can be to bring the taste of McDonald’s right to your own home? You can literally make your own McDonalds food now anytime that you want.

I love how you get to even use your slow cooker in one of these recipes! I’m all about ease!

25 McDonald_s Copycat Recipes

I know that these recipes are a great way to feed all the kids with ease.

Do you have a favorite McDonald’s Copycat recipe that you’re pumped to make from the list?

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