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Recipes Using Cherries

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I wasn’t much of a cherry fan when I was a kid. When it came down to a favorite summer fruit, I usually chose the strawberry instead.  I always liked the smell, just not actually eating it!

I’m not sure if my taste buds changed or if cherries somehow started to taste better, but after I grew up, I finally discovered the deliciousness of the cherry. When a good friend had us over for dinner, she sat out a bowl of cherries as a snack. Eating one was like having fireworks go off in my mouth. It was really, really good.

So – now I want to know more about how to cook cherry desserts that my family will love, which is why I want to share these delicious recipes using cherries with you all! There are plenty of ideas here for making yummy cherry donuts, pies, and more for your family!

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More Than 20 Recipes Using Cherries - 3 Boys and a Dog

Recipes Using Cherries:

1. This recipe for Black Cherry Yogurt and Granola Pie makes a light dessert that would make a perfect after-dinner treat!

2. I’ve never eaten tapioca before, but this Cherry Lime Tapioca looks so delicious and creamy that I’m willing to give it a try!

3. I’m a total sucker for baked goods of all kinds. I can’t wait to try these Baked Cherry Lemon Donuts that are also gluten-free!

4. This Chocolate Cherry Tart would make a lovely brunch dish. Just serve it with freshly squeezed orange juice!

5. Learn how to make a pie from scratch with this recipe for Cherry Pie with Almond Crumble Topping!

6. Add a twist to classic lemonade with this Sour Cherry Lemonade Concentrate! Just add a couple of tablespoons to ice water to enjoy a cool cherry drink!

7. These Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies would be a yummy snack for the kids to enjoy after school!

8. My aunt used to make delicious fruit preserves and can them. This DIY Apricot Cherry Jam would be delicious on hot toast or rolls!

9. If you don’t have a lot of time to whip up dessert, try this Cherry Delight – a light and fluffy cherry dessert with marshmallows!

10. These Cherry Pecan Chews are basically sugar cookies with cherries inside. Yum!

11. When I think of health food, I don’t usually imagine anything with chocolate and cherries. These Healthy Chocolate Cherry Muffins are a game-changer!

12. This creamy Chocolate Cherry Smoothie is a great go-to breakfast on a busy morning!

Over 20 Recipes Using Cherries - 3 Boys and a Dog

13. These hearty Oatmeal Cherry Cookies would be delicious served warm with a cold glass of milk!

14. I love how cute these Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes are! Just make a batch and set them out as finger food for guests!

15. Topped with homemade icing, these Cherry Cake Bars are a terrific afternoon treat!

16. Bake up your own Cherry Crumble Pie and top it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream!

17. It’s easy to use canned pie filling, but it’s totally worth it to learn to make Homemade Cherry Pie Filling yourself!

18. These Sweet Cherry Waffles are very, very easy to make for breakfast and the kids will eat them up!

19. If you’re following a GF diet, you can still enjoy a classy cherry dessert with this Gluten Free Cherry Chocolate Cookie Tart!

20. These Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies with Almonds are super dee duper fudgy and packed with cherries for a decadent dessert!

21. There’s no rule that says that dessert has to be cute, but these Cherry Pie Cookies are totally adorable! They look like little tiny pies!

22. Dump cake is often one of the first recipes kids learn to make. You’re basically just dumping ingredients in a bowl. This Cherry Dump Cake is just as simple!

23. While this Chocolate Cherry Trifle is also easy to make, it comes out looking perfectly elegant! Perfect for a dinner party!

24. Skip the high-sugar coffee drink and try this Cherry Vanilla Smoothie for breakfast instead!

Recipes Using Cherries - 3 Boys and a Dog

More Recipes Using Cherries:

Make even more recipes using cherries with these affiliate cookbook suggestions!

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