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13 Bento Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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It is back-to-school time! Are you ready to start preparing lunches for your kids? These Bento Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love are fun and simple to make! Making these Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids is quick and easy to do!

Lunch is repetitive, and kids get tired of the same old boring thing. School lunch ideas don’t have to be expensive and time-consuming to make them fun and delicious. 

Look around your kitchen and find food to turn into fun ideas.  Use what you have on hand to make something creative!

How do you make a simple bento box?

Bento boxes are a great way to enjoy a variety of tasty foods in a compact, convenient package. Making a simple bento box is easier than you might think.

Start by selecting a container that will fit your food items comfortably. Rice is a staple in many bento boxes and can be cooked the night before for easy preparation.

Add a protein, such as grilled chicken or tofu, and then fill your remaining space with fruits and vegetables.

The key to a great bento box is incorporating a mix of colors and textures. Finally, don’t forget to add a touch of creativity and fun to your design.

With a bit of preparation and some simple ingredients, you can make a delicious, satisfying bento box perfect for lunch on the go.

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What is a common side dish in a bento box?

Bento boxes are a popular and convenient lunch option in Japan. They consist of a selection of foods carefully arranged in a single box.

While the main component may be rice, a side dish is just as important. One typical side dish in bento boxes is tsukemono, which is pickled vegetables. These include cucumbers, radishes, ginger, and eggplants.

Another popular side dish is tamagoyaki, a sweet and salty rolled omelet sliced into bite-sized pieces.

Other options include edamame, fried or grilled meat, and miso soup.

The art of bento-making considers taste, visual appeal, and nutritional balance. Therefore, whatever the side dish may be, it must complement and enhance the overall bento experience.



What is the difference between a bento box and a lunch box?

When packing a meal on the go, individuals may wonder about the differences between a bento box and a traditional lunch box.

While both options provide a portable container for storing food, a bento box typically features smaller compartments for separated food portions and often includes a lid for each section.

On the other hand, a traditional lunch box may have one larger compartment or multiple sections without separate lids.

Additionally, bento boxes often focus on the presentation and aesthetics of the meal, while lunch boxes may prioritize function and practicality.

Choosing between a bento box and a lunch box may depend on individual preferences and needs.

13 Bento Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Check out these 13 unique Bento lunch ideas that excite your kids about lunchtime! And don’t miss this list featuring three weeks of bento lunches for kids so you can keep the ideas coming, even when you’re short on time!

1. A Waffle Sandwich Lunch is a perfect variation of a traditional sandwich and makes excellent peanut butter and jelly!

2. Break up your kid’s lunches with this awesome That’s a Wrap Back to School Lunch Idea.

3. This Back to School Bento Lunch is an excellent assembly for your first day back to school.

4. Chicken Nugget Bento Lunch will be an option to serve up a warm, delicious favorite for your kiddos!

5. Use this Breakfast Leftovers Bento Lunch is the perfect lunch for all those breakfast lovers and is super yummy.

6. Create your version of pizza lunch without the expense of this great Pizza Lunchable Bento Lunch.

7. This Grilling Lunch Idea is an easy lunch with all-time favorite hot dogs! Or use this idea for another occasion.

8. If your kids love Mexican food, use this Taco Bento Lunch for a leisurely lunch your kids will enjoy.

9. This All Star Bento Lunch is a great lunch idea for any sports lover or around holiday time!

10. Inspire your kids with this Camping Bento Lunch with little sausages and cornbread to make a tasty lunch option!

11. This Butterfly Lunch Idea is a great springtime lunch fair and perfect for little girls!

12. This festive Cinco De Mayo Bento Lunch idea is great for a themed lunch in May, complete with pretzel sticks and grapes for maracas!

13. A simple change in bread makes this Submarine Sandwich Bento Lunch a delicious treat!

More Bento Lunch Ideas and Solutions:

Need some easy bento box solutions? Check out these resources to get you started!

1. This Bento Lunch Box is leakproof and easy to clean, with five practical compartments.

2. These Easy Lunchboxes come in a set of 4 and include an easy open design!

3. This handy Fit and Fresh Bento Lunch Kit come in a convenient insulated carrier with ice packs!

What are your kids having for lunch? Have you ever tried any bento lunch ideas for kids? Share your easy recipes!

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Great ideas for school lunches! Passing some on to my grandchildren:)