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Over 25 Hamburger Meat Casserole Recipes

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I love to cook with hamburger meat. It’s affordable, it’s easy to cook, and it’s super versatile. We love a good casserole around here too, so when I need to feed my hungry family, a good ground beef casserole is perfect! We have so many great ground beef recipes for you to see!

I have a few favorite beef casseroles, but I wanted to find even more for my meal plan. So I’ve found over 25 easy and delicious hamburger meat casserole recipes! These casseroles feature lots of my family’s favorite ingredients and they cook up big enough to feed a large family. Win!

When it comes to ground beef casserole recipes, you’ll love easy comfort food like these. Use this list of hamburger meat recipes for easy weeknight meals!

simple hamburger casserole recipes

Take a look at the recipes below to find some new favorites for your family. And if you try some, let me know which ones are the biggest hits at your dinner table! For more easy dinners, don’t miss this list of chicken casserole recipes! Easy casserole recipes are the best!

No matter if you’re a fan of taco casserole or prefer hamburger casserole recipes to cook in the slow cooker, this list of easy beef casserole recipes will fill your belly and have you coming back for more. You’ll love the flavor of these simple easy recipes!

What Is the best way to reheat casserole recipes?

You’ll find that the microwave is going to be your new best friend! Just reheat and serve to enjoy the leftovers of any of these simple casserole recipes. You can always top these recipes for hamburger meat with more cheddar cheese before serving for more yummy flavor!

What side dishes go best with casseroles?

This all really just depends on what you like. I like having a nice side salad or a serving of steamed vegetables with my casserole dishes.

You can also opt to have dinner rolls or even just a slice of bread as well. When it comes to choosing a side dish, there are a lot of great options for you to consider.

Beef casserole dishes like taco salad or taco soup would go great with a side of rice or beans, too! Making easy ground beef recipes is so great because of the options of what to pair it with.

kid friendly beef casserole recipes

The biggest thing to remember is that a lot of the beef recipes are made with flavorful ingredients that will have everyone running for the table. I like to use sour cream as a topping or add some extra tomato sauce on top of my pasta bake. This is especially true if you’re making pasta casseroles!

Hamburger Meat Casserole Recipes and Resources:

Now, you can stop wondering, “what should I make with hamburger meat”! We give you plenty of ideas below. You’ll have so many options to work through and make that you’ve got quite a great meal plan right here!

Do I have to drain ground beef after cooking it?

Whether or not you need to drain ground beef after cooking it largely depends on what type of meal you are planning to make with the beef.

If you are making a dish such as tacos or chili that can handle additional liquid, then draining the beef is unnecessary. However, if you are making a hamburger patty or other similar dish that requires firmer and drier beef mixtures, then draining it afterward would be beneficial.

The amount of fat in your particular ground beef or the temperature to which it was cooked may also affect whether or not draining is necessary.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these factors when using ground beef in meals.

How do I know when ground beef is cooked all the way?

Knowing when to take ground beef off the heat can be tricky. Meat thermometers are an efficient way to ensure that your ground beef is cooked to a safe temperature. Generally, it should reach an internal temperature of 160℉.

Additionally, since ground beef has an increased surface-area-to-mass ratio to larger cuts of meat, it is important to periodically check the color of the beef while cooking to ensure that no potential pathogens remain due to uneven cooking. There should be no pink left on your ground beef.

By incorporating both visual clues and the use of a thermometer into your routine, you can feel confident that your ground beef is cooked all the way every time.

Can I use ground turkey instead of ground beef?

Substituting ground turkey for ground beef is a popular way to make dishes like burgers and meatloaf more health-conscious.

Depending on the preparation method, ground turkey can be lower in fat and calories than an equivalent amount of ground beef but higher in sodium.

When cooking with ground turkey, check the nutrition label to ensure it is not replaced with added oils or other unwanted ingredients.

Additionally, adding spices or seasoning will add flavor and help keep the result from being dry. Ground turkey provides a variety of alternatives to traditional recipes that everyone can enjoy.



What are common ingredients found in meat casserole recipes?

Meat casserole recipes are a staple comfort food for many households. Such dishes’ common ingredients include various types of meats, onions, celery, and carrots to provide a tasty base.

Further flavorings like garlic and herbs can give the dish additional complexity, while stock cubes, tomato paste, and Worcestershire sauce will add more depth of flavor.

Finally, liquid elements such as red wine and beef broth can be added for extra moisture.

Combined, these ingredients create a rich medley of flavors that make any meat casserole recipe guaranteed to tantalize taste buds.

If you can start at the top and go down the list, you’ll be able to make one of these each week and fill your belly full of amazing flavors and tastes!

Over 25 Hamburger Meat Casserole Recipes

These easy meat casserole recipes are loaded down with flavor and taste! Perfect comfort food recipes!

As you can tell, these hamburger meat casserole recipes are certain to be the star of the show. Full of so much flavor and taste – perfect for a hearty meal at home.

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