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14 Healthy Tilapia Recipes

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The New Year is coming and bringing its resolutions of losing weight.  Get a head start on that with this list of delicious and flavorful healthy Tilapia recipes from around the web!

We love adding more fish and healthy options to our plate, and tilapia makes it super simple to do that! Be sure to check out my Low Calorie Fish Recipes for even more great recipes. Some can be side dishes or even a full main entree. However you want to eat fish is totally up to you!

Healthy Tilapia Recipes

Due to the heart-healthy benefits, low cost, and mild flavor, more and more people are eating Tilapia than ever before!

I know that we do a good job of trying to work on eating fish more at our house, but I think that we could do it even more!

The best part about cooking fish is that it’s really not that hard to do! People tend to shy away from eating fish because they think it’s hard to cook – but that’s not the case. I think that once you cook up one or two of these recipes, you’re going to see just what I mean!

Is tilapia an unhealthy fish?

Not at all! Like I tell my boys, everything in moderation is key. Tilapia is low in fat and calories and high in protein and is a great way to give yourself a healthy meal to fuel your energy and body for the day.

How do you store leftover fish?

It’s really important that you store leftover fish in an airtight container and keep it stored in the fridge. The fish will release an order – so the lid is a must!

To reheat leftovers, you can warm them up slowly in the oven or use the microwave for a quick burst of heat.

How do I know if fish is overcooked?

If fish has a rubbery texture, you know that it’s been cooked too long. Properly cooked fish should be tender and flaky, not tough.

Healthy Tilapia Recipes:

Written in 2012, this Clean Eating Tilapia Recipe continues to be one of the most popular posts on my entire site! I think it’s because people have questions when it comes to eating tilapia. I get it – it’s important to know what you’re putting in your body.

Here are some great recipes with tilapia that are simple and easy to make. Start at the top of the list and work your way down – I think you and your tastebuds will be impressed.

You’ll find a wide variety of flavors and taste in this list that I think you’ll like. Use it to meal plan for the week – I promise it’s easy and simple to do!

Healthy Tilapia Recipes

This list of healthy tilapia recipes is a great way to start fueling your body with protein.

I told you that this was a simple dish to make! The more that you can add fish 1-2 times per week to your meal, the more creative you might get with the recipes.

It’s always fun to add new flavors and dishes to your meal planning and this list helps do just that!


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