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Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

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We are in the final stretch of school here and that probably means lunch has gotten boring!  Plus, it probably means the kids are dragging a bit more and just plain ready for Summer.  We just completed Spring Break and I didn’t want my boys going back! Oh well, these Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids will help liven things up a tad.

15 bento lunch recipes for kid lunches

Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

Ready to learn about Bento Food for Kids: How do you do it? Find out below!

Below, you will find 15 fun bento lunch ideas for kids – that is 3 weeks worth of lunches!  Plus, I have linked to my amazon picks below that so you can add to your Bento Lunch supplies. Make sure you check out The Best Bento Box Tools and Accessories as well

Waffle Sandwich Lunch – Create a delicious sandwich using waffles, peanut butter and jelly!

Thomas will love having this Easy Dinosaur Bento Lunch one day this week.  He is homeschooled, that doesn’t mean I can’t make his lunch time more fun!

That’s a Wrap Back to School Lunch Idea – Kids love options other than sandwiches, why not make a fun and delicious wrap!

This Springtime Bento Lunch from In The Playroom is just too darling! Now, I need to get some new cutters 🙂

Back to School Bento Lunch – Are you ready for the first day of school?  Here is an idea for the first day lunch!

Chicken Nugget Bento Lunch – Keep your chicken nuggets warm by using a thermos!

Breakfast Leftovers Bento Lunch – Use all those delicious breakfast left overs to make a yummy lunch for the kids!

Pizza Lunchable Bento Lunch – Do your kids love Lunchables but you don’t want to spend the money on buying them?  Make your own version!

Grilling Lunch Idea – This is great for Father’s Day or anytime your kids may want to have a delicious grilled lunch at school!

Taco Bento Lunch – Do your kids love Mexican food?  This is any easy way they can make tacos while they are at school!

All Star Bento Lunch – Perfect for Labor Day, 4th of July, or your sports lover!

Camping Bento Lunch – Use little sausages and corn bread to make a tasty lunch option!

Butterfly Lunch Idea – This lunch is perfect for spring or little girls that love butterflies!

Cinco De Mayo Bento Lunch – You will love our Sombrero cookies and Maraca snacks!

Submarine Sandwich Bento Lunch – Make a Sub Sandwich that looks like a submarine!

Chicken Nugget Bento Lunch – Fast and easy lunch idea for the kids!

Pizza Lunchable Bento Recipe Idea – You’re going to love how easy this is!

Waffle sandwich bento lunch – Who says you can’t have waffles for more than breakfast?

Back to School Bento Lunch – This is so much fun to prepare for taking their lunches to school.

Camping Bento Lunch Idea – This is great for anyone who loves camping!

Must Have Bento Lunch Supplies for Kids:

Do you do Bento Lunches for your kids?

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