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Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

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We are in the final stretch of school here and that probably means lunch has gotten boring!  Plus, it probably means the kids are dragging a bit more and just plain ready for Summer.  We just completed Spring Break and I didn’t want my boys to go back! Oh well, these Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids will help liven things up a tad. Be sure to check out my Over 20 DIY Lunchable Ideas That Kids Will Love! for even more great lunch ideas!

The best part about this lunch of Bento Lunch Box ideas is that they’re crazy easy to make and full of fun options! When the kids can take their lunch and enjoy bento boxes and options, they’re going to look forward to lunchtime and have a blast eating and enjoying every bite.

15 bento lunch recipes for kid lunches

Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

The following ideas are great for lunches. Some are healthy, some are fun, and some are themed. It’s up to you to figure out which ones you want to start with and then get to creating them! You can even have the kids jump in and help as well.

Ready to learn about Bento Food for Kids: How do you do it? It’s not hard to create simple recipes that are perfect for snacks or lunch!

Below, you will find 15 fun bento lunch ideas for kids – that is 3 weeks’ worth of lunches!  Plus, I have linked to my amazon picks below that so you can add to your Bento Lunch supplies. Make sure you check out The Best Bento Box Tools and Accessories as well

Easy Bento Lunch Ideas

Any of the following Bento options are so fast and simple to make!

Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

These great bento lunch ideas for kids are perfect for packing for school lunch or to meal prep for the week!

Delicious Bento Box Lunches

Check out the ease of these simple bento box lunches!

Bento Lunch Box Ideas for School

Any of these bento boxes would be perfect for packing for school lunch.

Can you meal prep bento boxes?

Yes, you can! If you want to prep the kid’s lunches the night before, bento boxes are great for that! Just add the food and keep it chilled in the fridge. And then don’t forget to have them grab it before they’re running out the door in the morning!

Must Have Bento Lunch Supplies for Kids:

Here are some other great supplies for kids that will complete their bento lunch box needs!

Do you do Bento Lunches for your kids?

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