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Over 35+ Movie Night Snack Ideas

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These 35+ Movie Night Snack Ideas are perfect for the family movie nights we try to have a couple of times a month. Each time, we choose a family-friendly film, have a fun snack, and enjoy the time together.

Its one of my most treasured “family times” we do together, even though it’s just movie, snacks and a couch.

Get your movie night started right with one of these awesome movies for kids that I pulled together to give us ideas when we’re trying to pick a movie for movie night!

bowl of popcorn on a wooden table with spilled kernels

Sometimes, though, I get so busy with the week that I don’t have time to think of a snack to make for the kids. And that’s why I love this list of over 30 movie night snack ideas! There are plenty of sweet and salty treats here that the whole family will enjoy on movie night!

How to Make Family Movie Night Fun (even for older kiddos)

Family movie night doesn’t have to be fun. I mean, seriously, for some of the older kiddos, it can be downright boooooooring. And I get that.

Who, at 14, really wanted to sit in a dark room with your mom and dad (ewww) and watch a movie (shudder)?! Movie watching with the ‘rents can be a real drag.

But, if mom (or dad) try reeeeeally hard, you can definitely make family night a whole lotta fun without the kiddo being any the wiser.

Over 30 Movie Night Snack Ideas

Over 35+ Movie Night Snack Ideas:

Here’s what I do:

  • Vote on the movie (and make sure everyone gets to “win” by picking their favorite movie pretty frequently. That’s part of why we do multiple movie nights a month, to make sure everyone can pick often.
  • Let the kids stay up later than usual. I know, I know, kids need a routine and they need to have their bedtime. But, seriously, y’all, there’s no reason that having a late night once a week (say on Friday or Saturday night when you’re not planning school tomorrow) can’t be part of the routine.
  • Do not try to talk about anything that might be “sensitive”–not even a joke. You know kids, if you make it uncomfortable for them, they will not want to be there. So, make family night the priority and not the ribbing-of-the-kids the priority (and tell dad so he lays off the dad-jokes).
  • Make their favorite movie night treats–and invite the kids to make them with you.
  • You can go with simple tortilla chips, you can pick up some buttered popcorn from the movie theater, or you can make sea salt and dark chocolate potato chip ice cream. Whatever your kid wants. Heck, if your kiddo has decided they’re vegan, you can toss some nutritional yeast on your popcorn and call it vegan “cheese” popcorn. Anything to make them happy and join you on the couch, right?!

Movie Night Snack Ideas

Make your next family movie night the best one yet with these yummy movie night snack ideas!

Snacks for Movie Night Resources:

If you’ve just run out of ideas and nothing is floating your boat to make your treats for movie night, check out these affiliate resources from Amazon that are super for putting on an awesome family night with almost NO work!

bowl of popcorn on a wooden table with spilled kernels

More Movie Night Ideas You’ll Love:

Movie night is an epic event here in our house. We’re super regular about it and, I’ll be honest, there’s more to movie night than just snacks–there’s also the MOVIES! So, I pulled together some ideas to help you out with that.

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Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook

Monday 1st of May 2017

What a lovely round-up! Now, it's time to choose! :D Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday party!

Elaine @ foodbod

Friday 28th of April 2017

Wow! So much to choose from! Thank you for joining Fiesta Friday this week :)


Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Loving this! The peanut butter one is making my mouth water.