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Resources for Educating Our Children

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Whether you choose to homeschool, after-school, or school during the everyday, these resources for educating our children are for you. We include things from free worksheets, to craft ideas, to unit studies, to tips for busy parents!

Check out my amazon shelf of homeschooling essentials: My must-haves for teaching my children – note: this is NOT curriculum, but it is all the other things. 🙂

A huge portion of our resources are seasonal or holiday based, so you can find them in our Holidays and Seasons section.

Free Homeschooling Resources:

Yes, I call them homeschooling resources, but honestly they can be used in ANY type of classroom or educational setting!

My list of homeschooling freebies has gotten so long that I have had to do a bit of sorting.

If, however, you prefer to just do some scrolling through our content, starting with the most recent, please head over to our homeschool category.

Themed Resources

If your child is obsessed with something, this is probably the section you want to start with. 🙂

Animal Fast Fact Files

Animal Math Worksheets

Apple Activities

Circus Printable Worksheets

Cowboy Themed Learning Printables

***Compete List of Unit Studies – this is where you will find our units.

Dinosaur Printables for Kids

Fly Guy: A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets

John 3:16 Printables

Mickey Mouse Worksheets and Activities

Concept Resources:

As we try to teach new concepts or if our child is struggling with one, we tend to start a full search for everything we can find about that concept. This is your go-to section!

Big and Small Sorting Activities

Big and Small Worksheets

Cutting Practice Sheets

Cutting Practice Printables (yep, more)

Cursive & Print Letter Matching Worksheets

Cursive Handwriting Sheets

Dolch Sight Words – all 220 words with worksheets.

Dot to Dot Printables for Kids

Find the Letter Worksheets

Learn Sign Language at Home

Letter of the Week Printables

Math Games for Boys

Money Tips that most kids don’t learn

Proverbs for Students

Reading Games for Boys

Spot the Differences Worksheets

Grade Specific Resources:

The following are exactly what they say: they are for specific age-groups or grades.

Second Grade Math (greater than, less than, equal to)

Toddler Craft Activities

Toddler Educational Activities for Homeschoolers

Third Grade Spelling Curriculum


29 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

Boredom Buster Preschool Activities

If you give a Cat a Cupcake (for Preschool)

Laundry Lesson for Preschoolers

Patience Worksheets for Preschoolers

Three Little Kittens Activities for Preschool

Shop My Homeschool Room:

The following homeschool picks of mine can be found on Etsy. Simply click the image that interests you – yes, they do contain affiliate links.

Tips for Homeschooling Parents

50 Fun Ways to Use Flashcards

How to choose the right educational toddler toys

How to Keep Homeschooling even when you are sick!

How to navigate “Close Reading”.

The Learning Curve for Boys: Is it Different?

Why is Learning Style so Important?

Fun Resources for Homeschool

20 Free Homeschool Programs

Dr. Seuss Book Club

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents

Free Educational Kindle Apps

Homeschooling Art Ideas

Virtual Dissection and Labs for Homeschoolers

You might be a homeschooling family if… (good for a few laughs)

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