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Cranberry Mocktail Recipe

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Are you looking for a delicious cranberry mocktail recipe to serve over the holidays?

This new addition to our mocktails for kids collection is kid- and grown-up approved, perfect for pleasing guests at your next family get-together.

Cranberry Mocktail Recipe for Thanksgiving - this cranberry-orange mocktail is a delicious option to serve to your guests who are abstaining from alcohol. A festive nonalcoholic drink for the holidays.

Mocktails are a wonderful alternative plain old sodas or juices during the holidays. They are perfect if you want something a little bit special, but also want to avoid serving or consuming alcohol.

Mocktails aren’t just for kids, either – they are a courteous offering for pregnant guests, sober guests, or designated drivers. I personally love being able to have a few fancy mocktails throughout a long family gathering, without the effects that a cocktail would have!

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Mocktails for Kids or other guests abstaining from alcohol this holiday season - fresh cranberry-orange mocktail

This cranberry mocktail recipe is actually a sparkling cranberry-orange mocktail with an optional mint twist.

What makes mocktails different than other types of drinks?

Mocktails are unique in that they stop short of providing the alcohol component present in most other mixed drinks.

This can make them a great pick for those who want to enjoy the flavors of a ‘grown-up’ beverage without worrying.

Mocktails also often tend to opt for a smaller number of, often more straightforward ingredients than what would usually be included in your average alcoholic concoction, which makes them accessible.

On the whole, mocktails allow us to enjoy the taste and feel of mixing special drinks with no commitment to the effects of consuming such beverages.

When is a good time to serve mocktails?

Mocktails can be a great addition to any gathering, and their non-alcoholic nature makes them suitable for hosting children or adults looking to avoid alcohol.

But when is the best time to serve mocktails? The general rule of thumb is that mocktails are best served at the beginning of the event, between mid-afternoon and early evening.

This timing allows guests to enjoy something that looks and tastes like an alcoholic drink without the accompanying effects, helping create a positive atmosphere.

One of the most popular mocktail garnishes is a lemon twist. Its sweet and sour citrus taste adds a tartness that can enhance the flavor of the drink.

Other favored garnishes include lime wedges, orange slices, fresh mint and berries like blueberries, cranberries and raspberries.

For a more unusual twist on these classic garnishes, add edible flowers such as pansies, violets or rose petals to your mocktail.

Fruit-flavored peels like grapefruit and orange also add brightness to these beverages.

Together with an aesthetically pleasing decoration for presentation purposes, all these different garnishes will make any mocktails irresistible!

You can make this cranberry mocktail recipe in a couple of different ways.

The first is just as a straight-up mixed drink, mixing:

  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 1/2 can Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange

Or you can drink it as a “mock-ito” (mojito mocktail) by adding to a cocktail shaker:

  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 1/2 can Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange
  • 2-4 fresh mint leaves

Add ice or muddle with a cocktail stick, and pour out into your cups. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf to let your guests know what mix of flavors to expect when they take a sip.

(Do not use mint extract or dried mint to substitute in this recipe. If you really wanted to have the mint flavor without using fresh mint, you could try a drop of mint essential oil – but I wouldn’t serve essential oils to guests.)

Cranberry Mocktail Recipe for Thanksgiving - this cranberry-orange mocktail is a delicious option to serve to your guests who are abstaining from alcohol. A festive nonalcoholic drink for the holidays.

Make sure to pin this cranberry mocktail recipe for the holidays, and for more delicious mocktail recipes, check out our collection of Mocktail Recipes for Teenagers (which are great options, no matter the age of your guests).

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Judith Graber

Saturday 18th of November 2017

Looks like a perfect beverage for all ages no matter what their circumstances are. Great Fall drink to share with Fiesta Friday.

Miz Helen

Friday 17th of November 2017

I sure am glad that this is a Mocktail so the little ones can enjoy it to! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Come to next weeks Thanksgiving party on Tuesday at 8:00 am, CST, see you then! Miz Helen


Friday 17th of November 2017

Yum! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us on weeks Creative K Kids' Tasty Tuesday – I can't wait to see what you link up next week!


Wednesday 15th of November 2017

Love cranberry juice and a good idea for those who can't consume alcohol. Pinned

Helen at the Lazy Gastronome

Monday 13th of November 2017

Sounds like the kids will love this one!! A great festive drink for everyone. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party!