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Orange Mocktail Recipe

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Craving a light and flavorful drink that everyone will love? This mocktail recipe is perfect for celebrating anything and everything at home! The flavor of these orange juice based mocktail is the best!

I love developing mocktails for kids that are just as enjoyable for adults, and this orange mocktail recipe fits the bill perfectly. You’re going to love the flavor of ginger ale and orange juice from your very first sip.

This fizzy, mint, and basil-infused orange drink is sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy while being fun enough for kids. You may choose to leave the sea salt and basil out of the orange mocktails for kids, but you may also be surprised at how sophisticated their palates can be!

Orange Mocktail Recipe

This is a mouth-watering drink that will wow your guests with its foodie credentials and perfectly balanced flavor profiles, while also being a quick and easy drink to whip up in just a couple of minutes. Just a few simple ingredients are all that you need.

While I used orange juice with a splash of ginger ale, you can alternatively use San Pellegrino Pompelmo (Orange) flavored soda (one of my personal favorites). My boys love when I make this drink recipe because they feel fancy drinking it!

What is the best way to serve mocktail?

You have a few options for serving up this drink! This easy mocktail is great with ice cubes at a nice chilled temperature. You can also make a huge recipe and serve it from a punch bowl. You can easily turn it into a party recipe to share with others.

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Make it a Meal:

It’s time to give meal planning a try. You’ll find that it makes everything less stressful and is a great way to get everyone on the same page about what is for dinner.

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Best Mocktail Recipes:

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Can you add other flavors to this mocktail recipe?

A little squirt of lemon juice or lime juice would be a good kick of flavor! Not too much as you don’t want to overpower it!

What is a fun garnish for mocktails?

Decorative garnish can be a fun addition to any mocktail. While fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables top the list of popular garnishes, other creative options can help dress up a drink.

Edible flowers add vibrancy with an array of colors for a beautiful presentation.

If you want to customize the flavor and enhance the drink’s aroma, consider adding an edible ornament like a citrus or apple slice.

For added whimsy or nostalgia, throw in some gummy bears or candy-coated chocolates.

Utilizing a wide range of colors and textures allows barkeeps to experiment and give guests something visually appealing along with their beverage.

Do mocktails contain alcohol?

Mocktails are designed to be non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional cocktails, and as such, they do not contain any alcoholic ingredients.

They are often inspired by traditional drinks and offer an enjoyable experience that allows adults of all ages to gather at a party or social gathering to enjoy being together without alcohol.

Mocktails can be a great choice for persons trying to abstain from drinking for health, religious or other reasons to fit in with their peers and still enjoy a variety of flavors on offer with the beverage.

What is the main ingredient found in a mocktail beverage?

Mocktails are the perfect choice for those seeking to abstain from alcohol or prefer non-alcoholic drinks. The ingredients used in a mocktail can easily vary, but one key ingredient remains: fruit juice.

Fruit juice provides the sweet flavor and vibrant color expected from many mocktails, and its health benefits make it a popular choice for crafting a delicious beverage.

Fruit juices also pair well with other non-alcoholic options, such as syrups and herbal teas, resulting in an abundance of unique recipes.

Whether you’re looking for a flavorful virgin margarita or mojito alternative, fruit juice is essential to crafting a memorable mocktail experience.

Is a mocktail drink served chilled?

Mocktail drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. These drinks consist of fruit juices, soda, herbs,, and spices combined to create a non-alcoholic beverage.

Whether the mocktail is served chilled depends on the recipe and can vary widely from drink to drink.

Many mocktails, such as Virgin Marys or Shirley Temples, require the drink to be served over ice so it remains cold throughout drinking, while others, such as sodas, may be served at room temperature.

Whether a mocktail is consumed cold or hot, these healthy alternatives provide refreshments for people of all ages.

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Orange Mocktail Recipe

Orange Mocktail Recipe

This mocktail recipe is delicious and perfect for kids!


  • 1/2 can gingerale (3/4 cup)
  • Splash orange juice (1/4 cup)
  • 3-5 mint leaves
  • 3-5 basil leaves
  • Plenty of ice
  • Pinch of good-quality sea salt, like Maldon


Place your mint and basil leaves in a cocktail shaker, along with a handful of ice and fill halfway with your ginger ale (or orange soda). Shake to bash up the leaves and help them to release their flavor into the soda.

Pour out your ginger ale into your serving glasses, straining the mashed leaves (they aren't pretty anymore) and adding a splash of orange juice.

Add extra cut oranges and mint or basil leaves for garnish, and sprinkle on a pinch of good-quality sea salt to really develop the orange mocktail's flavor. (And don't judge your guests for eating those oranges after they are done their drinks - the basil, mint, and sea salt make for some delicious orange segments once the mocktail is gone!)

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Boyd Kobe

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

That sounds like a delicious drink! Definitely, want to give this a try.

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