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25 Amazing IHOP Copycat Recipes To Make From Home

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Are you ready to make your favorite IHOP recipes at home? You’re going to love these IHOP Copycat recipes! You can now have your fluffy pancakes without even having to change out of your pajamas. How awesome is that?

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copycat IHOP recipes

These copycat recipes from IHOP really are quite simple and diverse. Not only will you find recipes for IHOP pancakes, but don’t forget about the crepes as well.

Are you craving a stack of buttermilk pancakes right now? You should be!

How hard are these copycat International house of pancake recipes?

These recipes aren’t hard at all. As long as you can add things to a bowl and whisk, flip your pancakes once they start to turn a golden brown, and remember to use nonstick spray before starting, you’re going to be just fine!

How do you cook pancakes from scratch?

Luckily, pancakes aren’t hard to make but they do require patience and the ability to pay attention.

Make certain that you cook your pancakes over medium-low heat once they’re made.

Don’t forget to add in your melted butter and sugar, mix your dry ingredients well, and cook until bubbles form on your pancake and flip.

make your favorite international house of pancakes recipes at home

See how great these IHOP copycat recipes are? There are so many choices to choose from and they’re all super user-friendly and easy to do.

IHOP Copycat Recipes

These IHOP Copycat recipes are a simple way to get that delicious flavor and taste.

These IHOP copycat recipes are just waiting for you to cook!

Which one are you most excited about cooking up and eating at home?

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Friday 25th of September 2020

I have no idea why I never thought to look for IHOP copycat recipes. So glad I ran across these recipes. Looking forward to trying these out. Thank you.