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Holiday Cookies and Sweet Treats

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Are you craving holiday cookies and treats? The good news is that there are always holidays in which sweets and treats are needed! Since we’re a nation that likes to celebrate a lot, having a big list of cookie recipes just makes sense! The more cookies, the better, right?

After all, what is a holiday or celebration without cookies and treats? This list of delicious desserts is certain to be a reason to celebrate all the time!

holiday party cookie recipes

The great things about the holidays is that everyone is hungry all the time. This means that you’ll have plenty of reasons to cook up these simple cookie recipes to share with all your family and friends.

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Holiday Cookies and Treats

If you are looking for a specific holiday, make sure to open the table of contents above and click on the one you want. It’ll take you straight to the recipes so you can get their fast. (And if you want to scroll through all the holidays, I’ve got them listed in alphabetical order for you!)

Holiday Cookies and Treats

These Holiday Cookies and Treats are great for all occasions!

Christmas Cookies and Treats 

Ring in the holidays with these fun Christmas desserts! Christmas is the one time of the year where calories don't count so have fun snacking on them all!

Easter Cookies and Treats

There's nothing like an Easter Egg Hunt followed by a giant sugar rush for the adults, too. These Easter desserts are all simple and easy to whip up in no time at all.

Fourth of July Cookies and Treats

It's always time to celebrate with sweets and treats for the Fourth of July! These tasty recipes are fun to share with family and friends!

Game Day Cookies and Treats

We all know that game day food is the best so this list of sweets and treats will make your tailgating experience that much more awesome!

Halloween Cookies and Treats

If you're a fan of all things spooky and eery, these Halloween sweets and cookies are certain to be right up your alley. They may look scary but they're tasty!

Mardi Gras Cookies and Treats

There's always time to celebrate when it comes to Mardi Gras! Here are some fun celebratory cookies and sweets!

Patriotic Cookies and Treats

Loving the red, white, and blue means that you're patriotic and love your country. These cookies and treats would have to agree!

Saint Patrick's Day Cookies and Treats

Don't forget that green desserts count for St. Patrick's Day fun, too! This list of treats is a must!

Thanksgiving Cookies and Treats

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to make up these treats. The family will love you for it!

Valentine's Day Cookies and Treats

The day of love means that there needs to be a lot of sweets as well.

cookie recipes for any holiday event

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