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Delicious and Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids

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Don’t miss out on these easy cookie recipes for kids! All of these simple desserts are cookies that kids can make. Fun for older kids and super easy for younger kids to join in on the baking fun, too. You’re going to love these simple yummy cookie recipes.

With this perfect list of soft and chewy cookies, you’ll be baking with the kids in no time at all! Here are some of the tastiest cookies recipes, ever! There are certain to come your new family favorites!

child friendly cookie recipes

No matter if you’re a fan of easy chocolate chip cookies or just love the peanut butter flavor, these simple cookie recipes will have everyone staring patiently at the baking sheet, waiting for them to cool.

There’s just nothing quite like the flavor of a lightly browned cookie filled with chocolate chunks! The kids will love making up these sweet treats!

Do cookies continue to bake after removing them from the oven?

As long as the cookies are sitting on a baking sheet, they will continue to brown after they’re removed from the oven. This is because the baking sheet is hot. If you can remove them and place them on a wire cooling rack, this is what you can do to help them cool down and stay perfectly cooked.



How do you keep cookies fresh once they’re baked?

The easiest way to keep cookies fresh is to store them in an airtight container. This will keep the air out and keep them soft and delicious.

More Cookie Recipes

Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids

These are some of the best easy cookie recipes for kids! So tasty and simple!

cookies kids can make

Which one of these easy cookie recipes do you think the kids are going to make first?

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