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Top 10 Kid Gadgets for Holiday Road Trips

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Talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous. But a mid-transit chat pales in comparison to the distraction of driving with one (or two!) children wailing in the backseat. Nothing increases adrenaline and quick recall of four-letter words quite like crying kids.

As parents, we can mentally cope with crying kids to and from the grocery store. But long-distance trips need more finesse. Careful preparation and a few necessities can prevent a few glitches and keep your travel going smoothly. As you prepare for holiday travels, make the most of your trip with these Kid Gadgets for Holiday Road Trips.

As you prepare for holiday travels, make the most of your trip with these Kid Gadgets for Holiday Road Trips.

Top 10 Kid Gadgets for Holiday Road Trips:

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1. Snack Container
A signature trademark of a kid-friendly car is a Hansel and Gretel-worthy crumb collection on every surface. If you can overlook this completely annoying parenthood perk, I applaud you; otherwise invest in some creative cups. Munchkin offers an ingenious design with handles and no spill rubber top.

2. Window Shade
Getting on the road is tough enough; stopping to shade a sunset shouldn’t be on your list of priorities. Grab a light-cutting window shade to curb the brightness. Measure your windows and buy the widest shade possible, making sure you have enough visibility in your back and rear passenger windows.  I love this set of 3 large ones over on Amazon.

3. Lacing Toys
Kids above age 3 (who don’t suffer from motion sickness) will work on lacing boards for hours. This Miniland Activity 123 ABC set will keep your child busy!  Plus it will help improve fine motor skills and increase alphabet and number recognition.

4. Finger Puppets
For the dramatic types in your crew, a set of finger puppets can be a space-saving lifesaver. My favorite are high-quality puppets that tell a familiar story, like Thumbelina or the Frog Prince from puppet master Folkmanis, but folks on a budget can definitely afford a set of animals.

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5. Favorite Music
Not your favorite music, mind you. Junior may not appreciate the vocal stylings of Rihanna for hours on end (and, honestly, you shouldn’t either). Enjoy some traditional Disney favorites and throw in some award-winning movement songs from Hap Palmer and Joe Scruggs to keep the mood kid-friendly. Bring on talk radio when it’s time for a snooze.

6. Bubbles
So what if you have to clean up the residue later! Bubbles are total fun for all ages, especially when the road seems never-ending. Unless you have an older child, mom or dad needs to commandeer the liquid and blow them toward the back. The best bubbles on the market, hands down, come from Gazillion. These bubbles float forever and the solution never dries out.

7. Barf Bag
Close to 30% of people are susceptible to motion sickness, and kids are no exception. The barfies can strike at any time–there’s no guarantee that your child will or won’t get sick on a road trip. Prepare for the worst by investing in a few leak-proof barf bags with fun pictures printed on the outside and show your child how to “cough” into it if his tummy starts to hurt. And bring an extra couple of towels just in case.

8. Neck Pillow
This is a tricky one. Your younger child may or may not like the feeling of something so close to her neck. Try it on short stroller trips ahead of time to practice. If your kiddo will wear it, she’ll be far more comfortable during naps. Pillow companions attach to the straps of your car seat or stroller, making it a bit more accessible.

9. Small Baking Sheets
This ingenious idea from Family Fun keeps the ever-present I-dropped-it-on-the-floor wail at bay. Use a conventional (but smaller) lipped baking sheet as a drawing, magnetic and keep-it-all-in-one place surface. Glue one or two layers of foam shelf paper on the bottom to make it less likely to fall and affix white contact paper to the top for the drawing surface. Turn it into multiple activities by attaching magnets to buttons for checkers or bingo games.

10. iPad
No, I’m not a fan of hours of screen time for little eyes, but during a road trip this godsend is a total catchall. From apps for all ages to music and movies, the iPad is the perfect device for tiny travelers.

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Wednesday 27th of December 2017

Small baking sheets- what a great idea! #littlemakes

Cathy Lawdanski

Tuesday 19th of December 2017

So many great ideas!


Thursday 17th of November 2011

I have to second the idea of a small metal tray - my kids loved doing magnets on theirs on vacation last year, and then it also worked well for a play surface for my son to drive his cars and my daughter to do felt dolls while we drove. I never thought about covering it with contact paper; great idea!

Marie @ Discount Airline Tickets

Thursday 17th of November 2011

Clever ideas. I never would have thought small baking sheets could be so versatile. I do not think you mentioned coloring books, or travel books. It may be a bit old-fashioned but they are filled with puzzles and enigmas that will both entertain your kids and stimulate their critical thinking skills. They are also perfect for airplane travel.

Speaking of, with Thanksgiving approaching, I am sure most of us are scrambling to find cheap plane tickets to go see loved ones for the Holidays. What are some great family airport/airplane-friendly activities to consider?

JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 17th of November 2011

We are traveling by plane and the iPad is going with us!