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Bread Recipes

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There is just nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. Every time I pull a loaf out of the oven, I have to fight to keep myself from devouring the entire thing right then and there.

Fresh bread is a big hit with my family too! They love it when I take the time to prepare my favorite bread recipes for them. This is why I’ve shared so many family bread baking recipes here over the years.

Below you’ll find my very favorite baked treats, including sweet breads, savory baked appetizers, breakfast breads, rolls, bread machine recipes, and more! These will be perfect for family baking days during the winter, weeknight meals around the table, or for serving to your friends and family when they visit!

You'll find my very favorite baked treats, including sweet breads, savory baked appetizers, breakfast breads, rolls, bread machine recipes, and more!

Bread Recipe Roundups:

If you’re in need of several bread recipes, these roundups have you covered! There are over 155 bread recipes to choose from in these roundups alone!

These are excellent if you’re on a tight grocery budget and need to save money by making bread yourself. Plus, if you have a bread machine, you’ll find plenty of simple, delicious ways to use it to make bread recipes for the family! Make certain that you check out the different types of Best Bread Machine Flours!

Yummy Breakfast Bread Recipes

Breakfast Breads:

I just love serving bread for breakfast. Whether it’s muffins, French toast, breakfast pastries, pancakes, or even cake mix loaves, bread just makes a wonderful breakfast, especially for growing kids!

It’s so easy to slice up and bring with you if you’re in a hurry. And waking up to the smell of fresh bread is the best way to start the day!

Try some of these breakfast bread recipes during your next meal planning session and see which ones your family loves too!

Sweet Dessert Breads:

Bread is probably my kids’ favorite dessert. They like ice cream and pies, but cake, sweet breads, and muffins have got to be the treats they love the best. I’ve been known to enjoy cake on quite a few occasions myself!

These are some of our very favorite sweet bread recipes. They’re wonderful for serving after dinner, to guests at brunch, or for taking to a neighborhood get-together! Remember that you can always adjust some of these to suit your family. Feel free to add a few extra ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruit, or even chocolate chips if you want!

Savory Bread Recipes for Dinner

Savory Baked Goodness:

As much as I love sweet breads, there are times that savory bread recipes are better for the meals we serve. These are some of our favorite bread side dishes. We tend to serve these with special family meals, such as when we have family members visiting from out of town. But you can serve them any day of the week!

Some of these also make wonderful gifts, so they’d be great for bake sales or for school parties!

Main Dish Bread Recipes:

Braids and biscuit topped casseroles… when you have boys, like I do, you are always looking for fillers.  These boys can flat eat!  So, I need starches and breads in pretty much every meal or they will never get full!

It’s also better to make your own pizza when you can. It just tastes better when it’s homemade. Plus, if you teach the kids how to make it themselves, they may even end up cooking for you on occasion. Win-win!

These main dish bread recipes have been great for our kids. I’m sure your family will love them too!

Bread Recipes and Resources:

Here are some of the Amazon affiliate resources that I’ve found to be useful for making bread recipes with my family. Be sure to stock up before you get started!

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