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Favorite Bread Recipes from Pinterest

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I love baking for my family. There’s just something about making something from scratch and serving to the kids that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And what’s better for baking than bread!

This week I have decided to tackle some delicious breads.  I dusted off my bread machine and my bread loaf pans and started searching for some great bread recipes online.  Here are the blog and Pinterest Bread Recipes that really called my name! Some of these I’ve made before and others I’m looking forward to trying for the first time. I’ll let you know which ones make it into my list of favorite bread recipes!

Bread machines make more than just bread. Be sure to check out this list of bread machine pound cake recipes you can make at home!

Favorite Bread Recipes

35+ Favorite Bread Recipes:

1. This hearty Wild Rice and Cranberry Bread Loaf is a great breakfast bread!

2. With fall comes all kinds of pumpkin recipes. I’ll be starting my autumn baking with this Pumpkin Streusel Bread!

3.  Chocolate chip muffins are a big hit with our kids. This Chocolate Chip Quick Bread looks even easier!

4. I just know that this Peaches and Cream Monkey Bread is delicious. It looks great!

5. We like to buy Hawaiian rolls at the store, but with this recipe for Homemade Hawaiian Bread we can make it ourselves!

6. If I love red velvet cake, then it stands to reason I’ll love this Red Velvet Bread! A definite must-make!

7. Take your basic banana bread to the next level with this recipe for rich Nutella Banana Bread!

8. Or add a little spice with this Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread!

9. Eating lean? Try serving this Paleo Garlic Bread with a healthy soup!

10. Give the kids some whole grain goodness with this recipe for Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread!

11. This Homemade Honey Bread would be delicious served hot with dinner!

12. I can just smell this minty Chocolate Peppermint Bread baking during the winter!

13. Use a cake mix to cut your prep time in half for this Zucchini Cake Mix Bread!

14. Bake up something tart and sweet with this recipe for Cranberry Quick Bread!

15. This indulgent BBQ Chicken Stuffed Bread would be an amazing appetizer for game day!

16. This Sweet Cinnamon Raisin Bread is a fantastic dessert! Just top it with a simple glaze!

17. Set this Party Cheese Bread out on the appetizer table and watch your guests gobble it up!

Over 35 Bread Recipes to Make

18. Love Snickerdoodle cookies? You’ll go nuts for this yummy Snickerdoodle Bread!

19. Baking bread in bulk is awesome when you can freeze it for later. This Freezer-Friendly Chocolate Banana Bread is great for big families!

20. This recipe for Cinnamon Cake Mix Banana Bread using a boxed cake mix to make an easy recipe even easier!

21. This ooey gooey Apple Pie Monkey Bread will go in no time when your hungry family spots it on the table!

22. If you’re brand new to baking, this Easy Artisan Bread is a great way to get started!

23. Skip the individual muffin cups and bake this Blueberry Muffin Bread for breakfast in the morning!

24. This hearty Dutch Apple Bread is delicious on a cold day!

25. Bake and slice this Crusty Italian Parmesan Bread to serve with a pasta dish!

26. You know those French baguettes you see in the store bread basket? Make your own with this recipe for Simple French Baguettes!

27. Get the kids some veggies with this Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread!

28. This sweet Chocolate Banana Bread makes a fantastic snack when your kids are hungry in the afternoon!

29. Turn a classic breakfast treat into a quick bread with this Sweet Cinnamon Roll Bread!

30. I love it when bread has a little “crunch” on top. This recipe for White Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Bread looks delicious!

31. This soft Peach Bread is basically peach cobbler in bread form. Heavenly!

32. Serve this Beer & Cheese Skillet Bread with a hearty stew!

33. This Paleo Coconut Caramel Quick Bread is awesome if you’re eating low-carb!

34. I love how unique this Twisted Bread with Spinach, Peppers, and Parmesan looks! And it’s a great finger food for guests!

35. This recipe for Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bread makes a super moist bread that you’ll love to make again and again!

36. I love all things lemon and this Lemon Cake Bread is no exception!

37. Slice up this Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread and top the slices with sweetened cream cheese!

38. Stock up on fresh strawberries in the summer and bake a few loaves of this Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread!

Over 35 Favorite Bread Recipes

Favorite Bread Recipes Resources:

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