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18+ Ban-Tastic Banana Recipes

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Flavorful and easy to make, these ban-tastic banana recipes are made with fresh bananas for a delicious treat, breakfast, or dessert. If you love the flavor of bananas, you’re going to love these sweet treats!

This list of simple recipes using bananas are great for snacks, or any time of the day. Start at the top of the list, and work your way down!

Bananas are a healthy fruit that you can easily find at any grocery store or market. Kids and adults love bananas, so finding a delicious recipe that everyone will love shouldn’t be too hard.

Bananas also make a great snack, and you can incorporate them into various recipes.

These banana recipes are a delicious way to incorporate bananas into your diet. From healthy snacks to sweet banana treats, these recipes will be a hit.

How do I know when bananas are ripe?

Knowing when the perfect banana is ripe can be difficult, but with a few simple ways of assessing a bananas ripeness you can soon become an expert.

To pick the perfect banana start by checking the color. Ideally, you are looking for a yellow banana with spots – especially brown ones.

If it still has green patches then its not quite ready yet and if there are completely black areas then its past its best.

You should also assess the texture; when its properly ripe it should have a mushy and springy feel.

Avoid picking a rock-hard one as this won’t ripen any further at home or will take too long to be edible.

Finally, once you’ve got your bunch home give them a gentle squeeze to ensure that they haven’t picked up any pesky bruises in transit.

Follow these steps and picking the right banana won’t be such mission impossible!

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What ingredients pair well with bananas?

While bananas can be quite a pleasant and filling snack on their own, adding a few simple ingredients can dramatically improve the taste, texture and nutrition of this fruit.

Peanut butter makes for an excellent banana topping, just like cream cheese or hazelnut spread and dark chocolate chips.

Bananas also pair well with crunchy nuts like walnuts, almonds or macadamia nuts; berries such as raspberries or blueberries; or tangy fruits like pineapple and kiwi.

And for a truly indulgent treat, you can always dip a banana into melted caramel or honey-sweetened Greek yogurt.

Banana combinations are only limited by your creativity!



Can you freeze bananas?

Yes, bananas can be frozen! Bananas are both versatile and delicious fruits, and freezing them opens up a whole world of possibilities for cooks.

Frozen bananas make an excellent addition to smoothies, making them extra creamy and adding a subtle sweetness.

They can also be used in baking recipes to add texture and natural sweetness.

For a fun and healthy treat, you can cut bananas in half and dip them into melted dark chocolate before freezing them – kids love it!

Whether you’d like to try baking with frozen bananas or simply refresh yourself with a cold smoothie, freezing these yellow treats is the perfect answer.

Ban-Tastic Banana Recipes

Here are some of my favorite ways to use bananas! There are so many delicious recipes on this list that I know you’re going to love!

Ban-Tastic Banana Recipes

All of these recipes are all about bananas! Perfect for curbing that craving!

Which of these banana recipes are you going to start with first?

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