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Valentine’s Day Posts on 3 Boys and a Dog

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Here you will find all the Valentine’s Day related posts on my site!  Some great stuff here now and more coming soon! Scroll on down to see what all I have!

Tons of Valentine's Day Resources - from recipes to printables and everything in between!

Valentine’s Day Crafts & DIY

  1. Valentine Candy Shop with Chocolate Playdough
  2. Valentine Shop: Candy and Card {Dramatic Play}
  3. Sugar Cookie Math
  4. 24 Valentines Activities for Kids
  5. Free Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I Heart Minnie Activities & Recipe
  6. Pigs in Love Book Review
  7. 7 FREE Valentine Crochet Patterns
  8. FREE Minnie-rella Activities
  9. Punch Art:  Heart Owl Valentine’s Day Card
  10. Handmade Valentine Greeting Cards
  11. Valentines Day Books for Kids
  12. Printable SMORES Valentine’s Cards

Valentine’s Day Recipes

  1. Edible Gifts: Chocolate Cordials
  2. A Little Pinterest Love: Valentines Goodies
  3. Various Valentines Vittles (pinterest recipes)
  4. Over 20 Valentines Day Cookies
  5. Strawberry Valentine Cupcake Recipe
  6. Cranberry Kiss Mocktail Recipe (non-alcoholic cocktail)
  7. Edible Gifts: Classic Chocolate Covered Toffee
  8. Heart Shaped Meatloaf Recipe
  9. Edible Gifts: No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
  10. Be Still My Heart Jello Treats Recipe
  11. Old Fashioned Stained Glass Candy Recipe
  12. Valentine Chex Mix Recipe
  13. Easy Strawberry Trifle
  14. Over 17 Valentines Day Cookies
  15. 20 Valentine Sweet Treats For Your Sweetie (or friends!)
  16. Over 20 Valentine Cookies
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  18. Over 20 Valentine Cake Recipes You’ll Love
  19. 20+ Delicious Brownies for Valentine’s Day
  20. Sweet Valentine Punch Recipe
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  22. Romantic Valentine Charcuterie Board for Two
  23. Delicious Valentines Mini Cakes Recipe
  24. 25+ Heart Shaped Recipes
  25. Valentines Trail Mix Recipe

Valentine’s Day Household Printables

  1. Free Be Mine Menu Planning Printable

Valentine’s Day Unit Studies and Printables

  1. FREE Valentine Coloring Pages
  2. FREE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack
  3. Valentine Preschool Cutting Practice Printable Worksheet
  4. Valentine Verb Find Printable Worksheet
  5. Sweetheart ABC Letter Matching Game
  6. Find the Letter: C is for Cupid
  7. Find the Letter: V is for Valentine
  8. Find the Letter: S is for Sweethearts
  9. Valentines Day Pictures to Color
  10. Valentine’s Day Books For Kids
  11. Valentine Sensory Bin
  12. Super Fun Valentine Preschool Activities
  13. Valentine Skip Counting Printables
  14. Valentine Preschool Cutting Practice Printable Worksheets
  15. 25+ Preschool Valentine Activities
  16. 20+ Heart Worksheets for Kids
  17. Valentine Lunchbox Notes
  18. Free Printable Grinch Valentines Cards

Valentine’s Day Board on Pinterest

Valentines on Pinterest

Just click it to open and follow this fun board on Pinterest.  At the time of writing this page, it has almost 200 Valentine’s Day goodies there!

What are some fun ideas to make learning fun for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to create exciting and educational activities for learners of all ages. Activities could include creating Valentine’s cards using mathematical equations or having students write stories using only words they associate with love.

Other ideas include making a collage of pictures related to adjectives associated with love or teaching a lesson on the history of how Valentine’s Day originated.

Using games is also an excellent way to make learning fun. Making up love-centric charades, playing hangman with vocabulary terms related to the day, or hosting a competition in which students have to match the correct movie title and its leading actor are just some activity examples for teachers who want to transform their classrooms into joyful and engaging learning environments this February.

What makes Valentine’s Day exciting for kids?

Valentine’s Day can be an especially exciting time of the year for many children. As they grow and change, they often start recognizing the holiday as a chance to share their affections and show kindness to their friends and family.

With it comes the prospect of small gifts, yummy treats, and decorations filled with hearts that fill the air with anticipation.

Schools and daycares often host arts-and-crafts activities for the kids leading up to Valentine’s Day, providing them with opportunities to create Red paper walls lined with sentiments of love.

For many children, Valentine’s Day represents a unique experience that fosters creativity and generosity, helping them develop social skills that will last through adulthood.

How can I make Valentine’s Day activities family-friendly?

Planning fun and family-friendly activities for Valentine’s Day can be a great way to celebrate the day with loved ones.

Many families enjoy making cards or decorations for each other, baking treats together to share or going on an outing.

Cards and decorations can be made from items found around the home, such as old magazines, newspaper clippings, construction paper, and fabric scraps that children can use to create handmade gifts for their loved ones.

Baking together is a fun activity that allows everyone to be involved in creating something special while also spending time together.

Alternatively, families can head outdoors and explore activities like snowshoeing or tobogganing if the weather permits.

Engaging in any of these activities will bring joy and fun to Valentine’s Day.

How do I make Valentine’s Day a great day for learning fun?

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to introduce learning activities that can be adapted to various ages and abilities.

As a parent or teacher, look for ways to help ignite creativity and develop educational skills through Valentine’s Day-themed activities.

Take advantage of decorations, treats, craft materials, gifts, and other objects associated with the holiday to create learning opportunities.

From decorating paper hearts with sight words to making an edible map of the linguistic distribution of love symbols from around the world, plenty of activities can instill knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Allowing students or children to explore their understanding and interests through hands-on projects on this day is educational and enjoyable for them.

What are some great Valentine’s Day books for kids to read?

Valentine’s Day can be a fun time for all ages, and children are no exception. This holiday is an ideal opportunity to read heartwarming stories that young readers will love even as they learn important lessons about giving gifts, sharing love, and appreciating family and friends.

For elementary school-aged readers looking for some Valentine’s Day titles, Charlotte’s Web by E.B White is a classic novel rife with friendship, loyalty, and empathy that speaks to the spirit of this beloved holiday.

Alternatively, Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a simple tale highlighting the power of small gestures of love that can make someone’s day brighter.

Finally, for older readers who may not share the same level of excitement for such sentimental reads but still appreciate a good story, the Percy Jackson series offers books like The Sea of Monsters or The Battle of the Labyrinth, which revolve around characters who face adversity while showing their friends how much they care.

What is a fun Valentine’s Day game for families?

Valentine’s Day is a great time for families to come together for fun and games. One exciting game that family members of all ages can enjoy is Secret Admirer.

This game works by everyone drawing the name of someone else from the group and then writing small notes praising that person anonymously before exchanging them on Valentine’s Day.

Not only does it foster a sense of community within the family, but it provides an opportunity for members to be creative in expressing their love and appreciation for one another.

Playing Secret Admirer on Valentine’s day is a great way to bring joy and happiness into the home!

Valentine’s Day Guest Posts and Such:

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