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Valentine Gifts for Teenage Guys

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Whether you are looking for something for your son or for your sweetheart, it can be so hard to find the right Valentine Gifts for Teenage Guys – trust me!  I have one… plus, I dated my share back when I was a teen.  You feel weird buying a teddy bear, heart shaped chocolates, roses, or other things typically considered girly.  But, let me tell you…. guys love adorable little bears, too! Check out my other  gift ideas for everyone as well.

Fun ideas for those teenage fellas in our lives

Anyway, with my years of experience and after polling Tripp, I have some up with some valentine gift ideas for the teenagers in our lives!

Valentine Gifts for Teenage Guys:

Cook them a special dinner!  Girls (as opposed to Moms), you could even recruit a friend to be the waiter!  Guys are suitably impressed when we can please their stomachs – especially teenagers!

Clean it up!  For the girlfriends reading this, it might take some collaboration, but clean up their bedroom and leave a little handwritten note and a treat in the middle of their bed for them to find when they return.  I did this one year and it had the desired effect!  Instant score! 🙂

Mr. Smell Good Man!  Make him up a basket (or bucket) of yummy manly smell goods!  Think body, car, bedroom, and mouth.  Don’t just give him some Axe and call it a day!  Try any of my favorite manly smells:

Reverse the Roles –  For the girl friends reading this, take him out!  Pick him up, take him out to eat, movie, etc and pay his way the whole time.  If you have lots of humor in your relationship you could even go so far as to open the door for him, hold his chair as he sits, etc.  It will make him feel special and give you both something to chuckle about. 🙂

She shoots, she scores!  Is your teenage guy into sports?  Basketball season is nearing its end with March Madness right around the corner, it is Hockey season, and Collage Baseball is just beginning!  Treat him to a game of his favorite local team and join him in cheering for them!  You could even give him some hitting practice or rounds at the golf course!  Guys like us to be girly, but man do they love for us to show excitement in their interests as well!

“Tech”nical Fun!  Is your fella an Apple or an Android?  Give him an iTunes (or Google Play) gift certificate so he can purchase extra games or music for his phone.

Oh He Loves “Buff”ering – Give him a gym membership!  The length of the membership is up to you!  Mom might be willing to pay unlimited while gift friend might only want to do a month!

Personalize It!  If money is a bit tight, make him something crafty!  You could even do a great photo of the two of you (or a few photos of the two of you).

Sharing is caring!