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Over 20 Valentine Cake Recipes You’ll Love

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Don’t miss out on Over 20 Valentine Cake Recipes! These Valentines cake ideas are so perfect for Valentine’s Day! These Valentine’s Day cake recipes are all about chocolate cakes, layer cakes, filling cakes, cake decorating, and more!

Learning how to prepare cake from a cake mix shouldn’t that hard, right? Since my favorite cake is a Strawberry valentine cake, I feel like I’m pretty simple to please!

Don’t miss out on these Valentine’s Day cake ideas! They’re way too good to miss!

valentines day cake ideas

Get ready to add so many more cakes to your must bake list! There’s no way that you’re not going to want to make ALL of these!

Cakes make some of the most delicious Easy Homemade Valentines Desserts!

How do you divide batter evenly between cake pans?

I estimate with my eyes, honestly. And I never add more than half the pan to be filled with cake batter. That way it gives the cake batter the room to grow and expand as needed.

I also typically use an 8-inch round cake pan to bake my cakes in as well.

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Do you mix cake batter by hand?

So people do but I prefer to use a stand mixer to mix mine. I just don’t want to take any chances of there being lumps in my cake at all. I’ve had it happen before and it’s not pleasant. A hand held electric mixer works great, too.

Over 20 Valentine Cake Recipes

You're not going to want to miss out on any of these delicious Valentine cakes!

There are so many cakes to choose from! And don’t forget that if you’re not a fan of frosting, you can easily top with powdered sugar as well.

Which of these Valentine’s Cake recipes are you going to make first?

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