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20+ Delicious Brownies for Valentine’s Day

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Need some good recipes for Brownies for Valentine’s Day? You’ll love all these Valentine brownie recipes! You’ll find heart shaped brownies, fudgy brownies, red velvet brownies, and more that are perfect Valentine Day treats.

Grab your heart-shaped cookie cutter, a baking pan, a large bowl or two, chocolate chips, some cocoa powder, and a few other easy ingredients needed to make these heart brownies, and more.

You’ll love these easy Valentine treats!

valentine brownie recipes

Make certain that you have some parchment paper on hand so that your Valentine’s Day brownies won’t stick! You won’t want to miss a crumb of these treats!

What are some simple toppings for brownies?

Brownie toppings are the best part. You can easily leave the brownies as is or top them with some powdered sugar as well. Since they already have a great flavor, you don’t really have to add a ton of toppings!



How do you keep brownies from sticking to the pan?

The easiest way to keep brownies from sticking to the pan is to line the pan with parchment paper. This will keep your pan mess-free and make certain that you can remove the brownie hearts and other homemade brownies once they cool completely.

Brownies for Valentine's Day

You're going to love these Brownies for Valentine's Day! They're all so different and delicious!

As you can tell, there are so many delicious brownie recipes to make! It’s going to be a delicious holiday once you start baking and making your way down this list!

Which one of these Valentine’s Day brownies do you think that you’re going to make first?

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