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A Letter to my Husband.

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Ricky1Dear Ricky,

I am not an effusive person, so this letter is harder than anyone can imagine. You know me so well, that I don’t need to tell you that, though. Smile

Yes, I tell you “I love you” every day and usually several times a day – like when you leave for work, if we talk on the phone, when you return from work, and before we fall asleep. Yes, I cook for you most days. However, I am not sure that I have ever told you just how much you really mean to me and why! In honor of Valentine’s Day and our upcoming Anniversary, I am breaking out of my shell and declaring the whys… publicly!

I love you! You are my better half, my best friend, my MAN! When something happens in my day (good or bad) you are the one I want to share it with. Jerry Maguire says it best, “You complete me!” Simple as that! I am a much better person because you are my husband.

Now, I can say “I love you” all day long, I can show it every minute of the day, but to me the “why I love You’s” are so much more important!

clip_image002 You are so confident in yourself! You are this big jock whose arms are as big as my thighs (although much, much harder). You coach football and baseball. You run and lift weights. Yet, you are the person in our house who will sew up a hole in the boys’ clothes and do a really good job of it.

clip_image002 You don’t have a problem sitting at the local dance school for two hours while your 9 year old son practices Jazz Dancing! You sit right there with all those gossiping women like it is no big deal! Although you would probably prefer that your left-handed boy play baseball, you tell him how proud you are of his dancing and gymnastics abilities and help him improve his confidence so he can deal with the mean kids at school that call him a ballerina!

clip_image002 You have never once complained about my cooking. While I do a good job most of the time, there have been times when I have tried something new and it turned out so nasty that I wouldn’t even eat it. Yet, you smile and say, “It isn’t that bad, Baby!” Then, proceed to get seconds!

clip_image002 We round each other out so well when it comes to school for our boys. When I am ready to go tear someone a new one for treating my kids bad, you gently calm me down and then help the boys work it out. You might not know that “siphel” isn’t a word, but without you our boys would be failing Math for sure! We know I have no idea what congruent lines are, nor can I divide more than a couple numbers!

clip_image002 I am supposed to be the writer in this family, but you do so much better at putting your feelings on paper than I ever could! For every special occasion (birthdays, anniversary’s, etc) you write the sweetest things to me on facebook and in cards.

clip_image002 You make me feel special! You are not shy about telling me I am beautiful (and telling others that your wife is beautiful). You let me know how proud you are of me! You ask everyday about my little blog. You notice if I get a haircut. You rub my back when it hurts, even if you are exhausted!

clip_image002 You are really such a good guy and treat all women as special people. You treat them like you really care! If a female is crying, you don’t run like some men! You gather her in your arms and give her words of encouragement. Sisters, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Co-Workers, and the lady next door are all special in your eyes. With that said, I don’t ever feel that those people are above me! You make me feel like the most important woman in your life and make me proud to see you comfort others.

Thank you, Ricky, for allowing me to be your wife! For loving me more than I could ever think possible! For being the Father of my (our) children! I love you!


This note is part of the Love Letter Campaign hosted by Grammarly grammar checker. Grammarly understands how truly powerful the written word can be when it comes to expressing our love.

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Sunday 2nd of February 2014

This is sweet and beautifully written. Happy Anniversary!

Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


Monday 27th of January 2014

This is the sweetest love letter I've read. Inspirational to me as a wife and mom. I appreciate your willingness to share this private moment with the world. Congratulations on your special relationship.


Monday 27th of January 2014

Hopping over from the Thought Spot Blog Hop! What a beautiful letter to your husband. Sometimes it's taking the time to really describe why we love our spouse that makes that next "I love you" really special. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary.


Monday 27th of January 2014

Aww, Kelli, this is so sweet. It sounds like you have an amazing husband!


Tuesday 12th of February 2013

What a great letter to give to your husband this time of year. It's amazing to see that couples can still love and appreciate each other when media shows it otherwise. Good for you!

[found you via homework, followed you on bloglovin.]

xo, Michelle