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20+ Heart Worksheets for Kids

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These Heart Worksheets for Kids are a simple and easy way to have a fun themed-learning activity! Spending Valentine’s Day working brains sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Check out all the great options below.

The worksheets have hearts on them, focus on hearts, and are great for a themed-learning unit. Make sure to check them all out and have fun with the kids!

When it’s time to find fun things for the kids, worksheets and printables are always a good idea! The more you can use the worksheets, the more you’ll have engaged and active learners, too!

Why are worksheets so important for children to use?

Worksheets offer children many benefits that make them essential to any learning experience. Structured sheets are important because they encourage pupils to practice their literacy and numeracy skills, allowing them to actively engage with concepts instead of just listening to explanations.

Additionally, worksheets can help scaffold instruction for students who may have difficulty understanding certain topics or focusing on a concept for long periods.

By breaking them down into smaller tasks within their worksheets, kids can stay engaged and move ahead at their own pace.

Finally, well-crafted worksheets can provide an invaluable assessment tool for educators. They allow kids to work through them at their own pace.

What are other Valentine-themed learning activities for kids?

Valentine’s Day is a great time to engage young learners in fun and educational activities. One activity that fosters creativity is crafting heart-shaped cards, decorations, and gifts with paper, colored pencils, or markers.

This hands-on experience allows children to practice fine motor skills while expressing themselves during the holiday season.

A related activity involves writing stories where students become authors of their love tales, describing characters and settings.

Additionally, math and science classroom lessons can be adapted to Valentine’s Day themes, such as measuring ingredients for heart-shaped cookies or investigating how flowers grow through experiments.



How to Make a Heart Unit Study?

Absolutely! Here’s an expanded version of the section:

Transform these heart worksheets into a comprehensive unit study with a little creativity and a lot of love! These worksheets are more than just a tool for your kids to learn about shapes and numbers; they can be the cornerstone of an immersive learning experience that will keep your little ones engaged.

Start by using the worksheets as a springboard for discussion. Talk about the significance of the heart shape, its association with feelings of love and kindness, and its importance in our body. This can lead to discussions about emotions, human biology, and even history as you talk about how the heart shape came to represent love.

Next, incorporate arts and crafts. Use the heart theme to inspire creativity. The children can make heart-shaped paper mache, garlands, or photo frames. This not only enhances their motor skills but also allows them to express their creativity and have tangible art pieces to show for their efforts.

Don’t forget to incorporate literature and music. Choose books and songs that revolve around love and hearts. This adds variety to the learning process and caters to children who learn better through auditory or verbal means.

Finally, turn snack time and playtime into educational opportunities. Prepare heart-themed snacks together, teaching them about nutrition while improving their cooking skills. Incorporate physical activities that tie into the heart theme, like a scavenger hunt for hidden paper hearts or a heart relay race.

Heart-Themed Creative Crafts

Engage your little ones with creative crafts that they will love! For example, heart-shaped paper mache or a DIY heart-shaped photo frame.

You could also include a heart-shaped paper garland activity, which will be fun to make and used to decorate their rooms.

Songs, Rhymes, and Story Time

Music and stories are great ways to learn and have fun. is a list of kid-friendly songs and rhymes that mention hearts or love and children’s books that revolve around the theme of love and hearts.

Classics like “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney or “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond would be great additions.

Guess How Much I Love YouDay It Rained HeartsIn My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts)Pink Heart for Girls Pop Bubble Fidget Christmas Gifts Xmas Gift Sensory Toy with Alphabets Kids Birthday Party Classroom Prize Stress Reliever (Pink Heart)Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Box Craft KitMy Little Pony Mini World Magic Compact Creation Bridlewood Forest Toy, Buildable Playset with Izzy Moonbow for Kids Ages 5 and Up


Active Learning with Hearts

Make learning fun with heart-themed physical activities and science experiments. Some physical activities like a heart scavenger hunt or a game of “Pin the Heart on the Teddy Bear.”

Tasty Heart-Themed Snacks

Turn snack time into a heart-themed treat! For example, heart-shaped sandwiches or fruit pieces. You could even include heart-shaped cookies that they can decorate themselves.

The beauty of a unit study is its flexibility. You can tailor it to your child’s interests and learning style, making education a truly personalized experience. These heart worksheets are just the beginning of a fun-filled, educational journey that your children will surely love!

20+ Heart Worksheets for Kids

Here they are! The worksheets that you’ve been waiting for! Find the best ones you like, and get started immediately!

So much learning fun awaits!

Heart Worksheets for Kids

All of these worksheets have something to do with hearts! Heart shapes, the human body, and tons of Valentine's Day learning!

Which of these Heart Printables are you going to start with first?

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