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Preschool Math for Valentine’s Day

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Preschool Math for Valentine’s Day is a great way to improve math skills. Kids will love working through the pages at their own pace – and you’ll love that they’re learning new lessons about math.

The best part is that this is a mini packet of a larger packer that I have as an option in my shop. For the entire learning fun, scroll to the bottom of the post for the freebie – and the upgrade option!

Math is one of those subjects that can mean many different things and activities, so creating a packet full of number learning, patterns, and sequencing for preschool-aged kids seemed the perfect thing to do.

They will love the learning concept once they try this themed learning pack!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The fun part about making printables like this one is that there are many different learning variables and benefits!

This printable packet works on direction following, analytical skills, critical thinking, number counting, identification, pattern learning, and more!

Talk about various skills they’ll learn from this one packet of math activities! This is a great free math activity for early learners to gain confidence.

Such themed activities not only reinforce basic math skills like number recognition and counting but can also introduce foundational concepts of patterns, shapes, and measurement in a way that’s as delightful as receiving a handmade Valentine.



What it includes:

With the click of the print button, you’ll have a mini pack of math activities for your preschool learner. The pages are all Valentine’s Day-themed and are a great way to get them over that fear or stress of learning math.

On these printables, there are learning activities for:

  • Patterns
  • Big or small
  • Matching
  • Counting
  • Comparing

They’ll be able to work through the questions at their own pace to then move on to the next page and complete them.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Don’t forget that learning bundles like this are a great way to branch out and try new activities. Here are some other fun math ideas the kids may love!

Count Valentine’s Day candy

Counting Valentine’s Day candy with the kids isn’t just fun. It’s also a delightful way to introduce them to basic math skills!

As little hands dive into colorful piles of heart-shaped sweets and chocolate kisses, the holiday becomes a backdrop for learning. Parents and homeschoolers can guide their young learners in sorting candies by type, color, or size and counting them aloud.

Each candy can represent a number, and children can practice addition or subtraction as they count.

The candy can also be used for older kids to demonstrate fractions and percentages.

This method engages their senses and turns an otherwise commercial holiday into an impromptu, joy-filled math lesson, fostering a love for numbers through the sweetness of Valentine’s Day treats.

Learn about number patterns with household objects

Learning about number patterns doesn’t have to be a classroom-bound activity. As a parent or homeschooler, you can turn your home into a learning lab where math concepts come to life.

Seize everyday moments to involve your kids in identifying and creating patterns using household objects.

This can be as simple as organizing fruits in a fruit bowl in a sequence, such as ‘apple-orange-apple-orange,’ or stacking cups to form shapes that follow a specific order. These playful interactions encourage observation and critical thinking while reinforcing the mathematical foundation that patterns are everywhere.

Engage with your kids in these activities, and watch them cultivate a love for numbers amidst the comfort of home!

Play a fun matching game for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts; it’s a perfect occasion for heart-warming fun with the little ones, too! Engage in a delightful matching game that brings laughs and enriches the kiddos with lessons in memory and concentration.

Arrange a series of handmade or store-bought cards with charming Valentine’s motifs in a grid formation, face down, and take turns flipping them over to find pairs. Each match could reveal symbols of affection and spark conversations about love, friendship, and kindness.

It’s a simple yet sweet way for parents and homeschoolers to infuse a bit of learning into a festive celebration.

With each pair, watch their faces light up like a burst of confetti, making this Valentine’s Day fun and educational!



Preschool Math for Valentine’s Day

As I mentioned earlier, this post is about our mini packet – but we have a full packet in our shop for Math Activities for Preschool that goes into even more depth and learning fun!

You can get this packet via the link above or by clicking on the image below. As always, your support for my shop’s products helps me keep creating other freebies for sharing!

This would be the perfect homeschooling addition to any preschooler’s day and a fun way to get them excited about learning – and Valentine’s Day!

More Printable Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids:

Valentine’s Day is more than just candy and cards, especially when it comes to creative and engaging activities for kids.

With a day dedicated to expressing affection and love, we’ve carefully considered designing various printable activities to charm and educate the little ones.

Our collection promises hours of entertainment for parents and homeschoolers looking to infuse this holiday with a spirit of learning and fun. It features heart-themed puzzles, DIY Valentine crafts, coloring pages adorned with Cupid’s arrows, and educational worksheets that intertwine math and reading skills with Valentine’s spirit.

Embrace the joy of Valentine’s Day and watch your children immerse themselves in activities that will fuel their creativity and warm their hearts.

Here are some more fun options!

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