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Pigs in Love Baking Activity for Preschoolers

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I just love the variety of children’s books these days.  There are books on everything!   There are books about moving, sharing, starting preschool, holidays, and even using the potty.   One of our favorite activities is reading a book and then doing some kind of craft or game based on the book.

When I was asked to take a look at the Pigs in Love book pictured below, I happily agreed.  You can always use another book, right?

Take a look at how you can use this adorable book to share an awesome Pigs in Love baking activity for preschoolers! Plus, check out our other pig activities, including this list of Pig Art Activities for Kids to make!

Pigs in Love Baking Activity for Preschoolers

Pigs in Love Baking Activity for Preschoolers:

What’s the story “Pigs in Love” about? Here’s a description from the publisher:

A new version of a holiday favorite–now with bright red foil throughout! Pretty pink pigs celebrate Valentine’s Day, and show how many ways one can say the three most precious words in the world: I love you.

In thoroughly sweet, un-swinish style, they tell their fathers and mothers, their pesky little brothers, their sweethearts and buddies. Some whisper, some shout, some sing of love, some write a poem. But no matter how and where they do it, these adorably expressive piggies are living proof that everyone is someone’s lovin’ valentine. Youngsters will want to share this with everyone they care for, on Valentine’s Day and all year long.

Pigs in Love

We took at look at the book today and my three year old simply loved it.  She wanted to read it three times in a row, which is pretty unusual for her.   I did love the foil on the pages — it really made the illustration pop.

I’m never a fan of phrases like “pesky little brother”, so I could have done without that page, but the rest of the book was very cute and easy to read.

Pigs in Love Baking Activity

For our coordinating activity, we decided to focus on on the page that states: “You can say [I love you] with candy and strawberry tarts.” I found a recipe for mini strawberry tarts over at that we could make together, so we did that one day.

The kids loved our tasty Strawberry Tarts!

Pigs in Love Storytime Baking Activity

Tomorrow, we’re planning on setting up a play-dough Valentine Candy Shop. What about you? What kind of Valentine’s Day fun do you have planned?

Pigs in Love Baking Activity Resources:

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