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20 Valentine Sweet Treats For Your Sweetie (or friends!)

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These 20 Valentine Sweet Treats are the perfect treats for a Valentine party! Perfect for school parties, a classroom party, or just a great Valentine’s Day treat for the kids. Pair these up with homemade Valentines and you’ve literally got the best gift, ever!

If you’re looking for a fun Valentine idea and delicious dessert recipes, you have so many heart shaped easy Valentine recipes here!

over 20 valentines day sweet treats

While some of these might be perfect for a class party (like the love bug cake pops), don’t forget that you can share with adults as well.

What adult wouldn’t like receiving red velvet desserts covered in white chocolate, chocolate chips, and conversation hearts? Forgot the box of chocolates and give the gift of homemade desserts instead.

What are healthy sweet treat options for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, go the fruit route instead. Fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, and other types of fruit can be a great gift for someone special as well.

What is a popular frosting flavor for desserts?

Great question and the answer is that it’s going to vary. I tend to love cream cheese frosting but other people might like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or another flavoring.

Another really popular choice can be whipped cream, too. Whipped cream goes great on everything from hot chocolate to homemade pie and is a nice and light airy texture.

20 Valentine Sweet Treats

This massive list of sweet treats are perfect for sharing with your loved ones on Valentine's Day!

Now that you know there are so many sweet recipes to choose from, you can have a blast picking and choosing the ones that you want to make. Just remember that sharing is caring and this is a great holiday to literally share the love.


Which of these Valentine’s Day sweet treats are you thinking you’re going to make first?

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