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Free Printable Grinch Valentines Cards

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We have the perfect solution if you want to spread some grinch-themed love this Valentine’s Day! We have created a set of free Printable Grinch Valentines cards that your kids will love. These are excellent ways to spread happiness on Valentine’s Day!

These cards are perfect for classmates, friends, and family members. Download the PDF file, print them out, and cut them out. Then write your special message! Easy peasy! (and so cute!)

Want more fun printable Valentines Day resources? Well, be sure to check out my homeschool Valentines lesson plans. You’re sure to find a few great tools there that you don’t want to miss Valentines-week!

But back to this set of Printable Grinch Valentine Cards for Kids. Did you know that these cute free printable Valentine cards are super easy and can be printed and prepped the night before the kiddo’s Valentine’s party at school?

Yup. That’s me, right there with you, procrastinating until the last minute. What more could you expect from a Grinch-obsessed me?? LOL!

What do you need to make these Printable Grinch Valentines Cards for Kids?

There’s not a ton that goes into printables. But here’s what I used to get these printable valentines in my hot little hands.

Now, with all that said, these are YOUR valentines cards. They can be black-and-white if you don’t have access to a color printer! Don’t let me be your gatekeeper of fun here.

Also, I love cardstock, but if you cannot grab any, skip it and use regular paper. Again – these are your little love notes. Give it your best, but don’t stress yourself out here.



Tips to Make Your Grinch-Themed Valentines POP!

Again, these are your valentines. But, if you want my opinion, here’s what you do to make your Grinch valentines pop!

  • Always use a high-quality printer – the results will make you happier. If you don’t like your at-home printer, dash to the local print shop if you want.
  • Maybe try cleaning your printhead first if you’re set on printing at home but aren’t super keen on its “normal” print quality.
  • If your printer works fine, remember to set the print to “high quality,” and that will print as sharp as you can get from your printer.
  • Again, as I said before, card stock will do several things to make your valentines printable cards pop. Not only will it increase the ink saturation, making the image crisper and more “wow,” but the cards themselves will also be more durable for the time they’ll live in your kids’ backpacks.
  • And my last thought: use a fine-tipped black marker to write the names on the valentines cards. The pencil will wear off in the kiddo’s backpack, and a fat-tipped marker will bleed together and make the names illegible. So, fine-tipped marker. Do it.

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What Valentine’s treats go with this printable Grinch Valentine card set?

Ok. So, I have thought about this a lot.

This isn’t a printable Valentine card that screams “gift with a juice box” or “applesauce cup is the obvious choice.” Because, frankly, neither of those is at all “grinchy.”

As a result, I have come up with a few items (other than raisin boxes because they go with everything) available on Amazon that you can pair with these Grinch Valentines.

What non-candy treats go with this printable Grinch Themed Valentine card set?

Like the candy-type treats that could go with this printable Grinch Valentine card set, I have thought a lot about what non-candy treats go with these Grinchy valentines cards.

And, because I’m me and I can’t help but share, I’ve popped in some Amazon links here so you can grab them if you’re a non-candy-treat kind of parent.

Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is CoolLove from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!Peppa's Valentine's Day (Peppa Pig)DIY Felt Valentine Tree Set with 42PcsValentine's Day Scissor SkillsLEGO DUPLO Cafe 10587 Building ToyHeart Plush - I Aorta to Tell You How Much I Love You!


Why are printable Valentine’s Day cards so popular?

Valentine’s Day cards are a beloved tradition and an easy way to express affection for their partner, family, or friends.

The popularity of printable cards has likely increased as technology, such as computers and printers, has become more accessible. This has enabled people to easily create customized cards from home with messages that are more meaningful than store-bought cards.

Digital pictures can be added to the design, which allows for more personalization, making it even easier to share meaningful expressions of love and appreciation.

Furthermore, digital cards are convenient and cost-effective compared to other options, such as greeting cards purchased at physical stores.

As such, printable Valentine’s Day cards remain a popular way to celebrate this special occasion.

How can younger children help cut out Valentine’s Day cards?

When it comes to crafting Valentine’s Day cards, young children can be immensely helpful. Projects involving arts and crafts are a great way to develop their fine motor skills, increase dexterity and help them become comfortable using scissors correctly.

Younger children can use simple shapes such as squares or curves when cutting out Valentine’s Day cards while adding decorations like stickers or glitter to create something unique.

With adult guidance and direction, these basic shapes can create exciting designs that turn a simple homemade card into an entertaining and creative masterpiece.

Do you have to put Valentine’s Day cards into envelopes?

Valentine’s Day celebrates love, but the custom of distributing cards has changed over the years. Although Valentine’s Day cards are traditionally placed in envelopes to express one’s heartfelt sentiments, it is becoming increasingly popular for cards to be given without envelopes.

For those who like their Valentine’s messages to stay private, opting for an envelope is still a good choice; however, it should be noted that giving a card without an envelope gives it a more personal touch that many find attractive and appealing.

Ultimately, whether or not to use an envelope when delivering Valentine’s wishes is up to the sender and their style.

What is a fun way to keep a child’s Valentine’s Day cards from year to year?

One creative way to keep a child’s Valentine’s Day cards from year to year is by creating a scrapbook. The parent can decorate the pages with cardstock pieces, stickers, and other craft supplies.

Furthermore, specific details, such as the ages of their children at each Valentine’s Day celebration, can be added directly onto the pages or via journaling sections alongside the cards.

Further photographs of festivities can be added or replaced with some cards if desired.

Utilizing these types of scrapbooks will ensure that they capture the joy and significance of each yearly holiday while being easily storable for years to come.

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