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Valentine Lunchbox Notes

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Valentine Lunchbox Notes are a fun and free way to make your child smile! Just pop one into their lunchbox to warm their heart during the day! With Valentine’s Day coming up, now is the perfect time to make some simple and lovely plans to surprise the kids!

The fun part about these printable notes for a lunchbox is that you can sneak them in without the kids knowing. Once they open the lid, they’ll see you’ve been with them all day!

It’s always hard to be apart from the kids when they’re at school. I miss them while they’re gone, which is why I find so much comfort in these lunch box notes.

They’re a fun way to print out a loving saying and just let them know you are thinking about them. Plus, they’re Valentine’s Day-themed, which is perfect for this time of year!

What is the purpose of putting notes in my child’s lunchbox?

Writing a note and placing it in a child’s lunchbox can serve many purposes. From providing children with a much-needed boost of confidence to strengthening bonds between parent and child, lunchbox notes can be enjoyable to write and positively affect the recipient.

Additionally, these gestures of gratitude and love can remind children that their parents are thinking of them, even if they are away during school.

Kids will love opening the lid of their lunchboxes and reading the words or seeing cute pictures. It’s a simple gesture to show them that you are thinking about them.

It’s also a fun tradition to start with the kids and carry them throughout their years in school.

What it includes:

This printable lunchbox PDF gives you several options for lunchbox notes. All are themed for Valentine’s Day and can easily be cut out and folded to put right into their lunchbox.

You can print these out in color and also in black and white. The option is up to you! Make sure you print them so they know you are thinking about them!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

These notes are pretty straightforward to print off and use, but don’t let that stop you from having other fun ideas about things to do.

If you want some other fun ideas to use these notes, here are a few to get you started.

Create family printable notes

The fun thing about having notes to give to one another is that it’s a simple way to share smiles and love. These lunchbox notes are for the kids, but use them to catapult you and your family into writing notes to one another.

Simple notes that can brighten anyone’s day are as easy as it sounds! You only need some paper, pencils, or crayons, and you can write or draw easily enough.

Print the notes out in black and white

You can print these without color and then have the kids color them. This is a super cute way to show them some love while also letting them be creative.

Plus, they’ll be excited to bring them home to you at the end of the day and show you how they made them look!

Have the kids make a book

Encourage the kids to keep moments like this in their brains so that when they are older, they can look at them and remember these times.

These moments are great for creating traditions that they might want to do something similar with their kids one day!

Once they have the notes, have them put them together to make a mini book! This is a fun way that they can keep them forever and have them always think of the fun idea!

More Printable Valentine’s Day Fun:

Here are some other great printable Valentine’s Day activities and ideas for the kids! They’re so much fun to do and easy to print and use!

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