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Printable SMORES Valentine’s Cards

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The kids will love these free Printable SMORES Valentine’s Cards! Not only are they punny and adorable, but they are fun to color and hand out or let the recipient color instead! Valentine’s Day is fun for the kids, and these printable cards are perfect.

Use these fun Valentine’s Day printables for the kids to hand out something unique and adorable. Plus, you don’t have to run to the store!

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day because you never know what will happen. Will it be filled with treats and sweets, or are you one to make memories with the kids in other ways?

The fun part about having printable cards for Valentine’s Day is that you can print them and let the kids start to create them as they want.

These cards are unique and different than anything you would find at the store or online, which is part of the reason I love them so much!

What makes these printable S’mores cards unique?

I love these cards because they’re black and white. While this might sound funny, it is what makes them stand out!

This means your child can give their friends a card they colored and created on their own or hand it out like a DIY card that the receiver gets to complete.

Not only does this printable look unique from the others that will be handed out, but the added artwork will make them truly one of a kind!

What it includes:

This Valentine’s card printable is a set of cards, so there are options! The good news is that you have to print the packet once, and the cards are ready to use.

They’re all about s’mores – because everyone loves that tasty treat!

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Fun ways to use these printable cards:

Since Valentine’s Day only happens once annually, think of fun ways to make it memorable! Printing and handing out is great, but there are other ways to use them, too!

Add some treats

Since these cards are all about s’mores, why not find something s’more related to hand out with them? You can put the ingredients of s’mores into a small bag and attach them to each card.

You can also find s’more-related candy or cookies to attach as well. There are so many tasty options to do!

Have the kids make more s’more cards

Once the kids start thinking in puns and cute sayings, let them roll with it! Ask them to make “s’more” Valentine’s Day cards and see what they come up with!

These cards can be handed out to family and friends, mailed to loved ones, or kept at home as a fun way to be creative.

Make a Valentine’s Day box

Regarding class parties for Valentine’s Day, it’s no secret that everyone wants to have the best or coolest box in class to hold the sweets and treats.

If there is something that you like to do, you can make it a fun bonding moment with the kids! Talk about a fun box that can be made, and then gather the simple supplies.

This will help the kids be creative and have them jump in to work on making their creativity a reality.

Fun Candy Ideas for Kids

Don’t forget to pair up some super fun Valentine’s Day candy for the kids! You can attach these to candy hearts, bite-sized candy bars, and more!

You can also give cute toys and mini crafts with these as well. The sky is the limit, so have fun!

More Printable Valentine’s Day Fun:

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