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Valentine Sensory Bin

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Christmas is long gone and now is the time to think about Valentine preschool activities. My daughter J has been catching on to matters of the heart- she has asked her little brother to be her valentine too many times today.

Today I will share with you our valentine sensory bin that I created for my kids recently. It was EXTREMELY easy and cheap.

valentine sensory bin-valentine preschool activities

Just in case you are unaware of what a sensory bin is, you can quickly read this article (don’t worry I will wait). Now that you know what it is, I am going to help you to recreate the one that we used last week.

What You Need

  • 1 white cheerleading pom pom
  • 1 red cheerleading pom pom
  • red and silver bells
  • foam hearts
  • container to house everything

valentine preschool activities- sensory bin


Cut the ends of the white cheerleading pom pom (I split each strand 1/2 so it could go farther) and place in your container. Do the same for the red pom pom.

Add silver and red bells. If you bought the bells on a string, then simply cut the string and place the individual bells in the container.

Spread everything around with your hands to ensure its evenly dispersed.

Add the foam hearts to your bin

If you want your preschooler to practice pouring and scooping, you can add a measuring cup and spoon.

Have a vacuum near by for quick clean up. You will thank me.

valentine preschool activities- sensory bin close up


Inspired by my daughter we ended up doing the following activities as well:

1) Feel the pom pom string between our toes (she went in the bin, not me).

2) Hid her toys. You can easily adapt this extension and make a fun letter recognition game like this one.

3) Throw them in the air. Yes its messy, but they will love it and you might too. Remember that they don’t remember the clean house, but the memories made in the dirty house.

What fun activities do you normally do for Valentine’s Day? Comment below to let me know.

Sharing is caring!

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That is a cute sensory bin. I was just thinking about making one for my daughter.