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Valentine’s Day Preschool Activity Pack

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This Valentine’s Day Preschool Activity Pack has it all! From handwriting skills to number learning, each page offers a different lesson for the kids.

You can use these for a fun-themed learning packet or as a great way to encourage the kids to want to try and learn something new. Regardless, this packet is a great free printable for the kids for Valentine’s Day!

I love having printables on my site because it gives parents and educators great resources to use, free or at a fraction of the cost.

Having options for early learners that are fun and simple is important to keep them interested in learning as they grow up!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

When I sat down and thought about this printable activity, I knew I wanted it to have various learning objects.

That is why the kids will learn to count, follow directions, be patient, be creative, and work on handwriting skills, all in this simple packet.

They will also work on fine motor skills, confidence, and hand-eye coordination, too. The more learning objectives that can be done together, the better!



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What it includes:

The click of the print button is all it takes to get this free printable ready. In this packet, some topics covered:

  • Find the letter
  • Missing number
  • Letter tracing
  • Trace and color
  • Maze
  • Counting
  • Find the difference
  • and more!

All the activities are created and designed to help the kids have fun, and they’re all focused on Valentine’s Day!

Fun ways to use this printable:

There isn’t just one way to use this printable. While it’s true that the pages can be worked on in any order, branch out and add fun new ideas just like they are!

Some learning fun that can be done could be:

Create homemade Valentine’s Day cards

Creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards with kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday and bond with your little ones.

From cutting out heart shapes to decorating with glitter and stickers, making these special cards allows children to express their creativity and love for family and friends.

Not only does it provide an opportunity for quality time together, but it also teaches them the joy of giving and the importance of handmade gestures.

Whether for grandparents, classmates, or siblings, these homemade cards will surely bring a smile to the recipients’ faces and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

So gather your art supplies, put on some music, and let the crafting begin!

Play Valentine BINGO

Valentine’s Day is perfect for spending quality time with your kids and creating lasting memories. One fun activity you can enjoy together is playing Valentine’s BINGO.

Gather some colorful heart-shaped cards, write down different words or phrases related to love and Valentine’s Day on each card, and prepare some small treats as prizes.

As you call out the words or phrases, your children can mark them on their BINGO cards. The excitement and friendly competition will fill the air as they eagerly wait to shout “BINGO!”

This game brings joy and laughter and helps improve their listening skills and concentration.

Sort Valentine’s candy alphabetically

Sorting Valentine’s candy alphabetically with kids can be fun and educational. Not only does it teach them the alphabet, but it also allows them to practice their sorting and organizational skills.

Plus, it’s a great way to engage children in the holiday spirit and spend quality time together.



What makes themed learning fun for kids?

Themed learning is a fantastic way to make education fun and engaging for kids. Children can immerse themselves in a world of exploration and discovery by incorporating specific themes into lessons.

It sparks their curiosity, ignites their imagination, and creates memorable learning experiences. Through hands-on activities, interactive games, and creative projects, children gain knowledge and develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a love for learning.

Valentine’s Day Preschool Activity Pack

While this free printable is perfect for kids to use while learning, I do want to take this time to point out that I have a massive preschool activity pack in my shop.

It has 100 pages full of learning fun! I’ve created this resource for preschool learners to use on their page.

Click over and check out the pack to see if it would be a great addition to your learning lessons at home!

More Printable Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids:

Escape into a world of love and creativity with our printable Valentine’s Day activities that are perfect for kids. Encourage little ones to express affection and enjoy the day’s spirit through colorful crafts, heartfelt cards, and engaging puzzles.

These delightful printable treasures are just a click away, making them perfect for last-minute fun or a planned crafting session.

Cherish the giggles and artistic flair as children dive into a world of pink, red, and heart-shaped excitement, crafting memories as sweet as the holiday itself!

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