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Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

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It’s a Boy! Don’t miss out on these Baby Shower Ideas for Boys! If you are planning a baby shower for someone who is having a boy, there are many different themes that you can use. Always keep in mind the hobbies and passions of the mother when coming up with a theme.

For example, maybe if the mother has a passion for reading, you ask all of the guests to bring a new book for the baby in lieu of a card. The Baby Shower Ideas for Boys can be a bit endless, so you definitely need a plan before you try to choose! You’re going to love these little boy baby shower themes.

baby boy theme baby shower ideas

Planning a boy baby shower doesn’t have to be full of stress. In fact, with a little bit of help, you can have an adorable baby shower that is all that you can imagine and more!

So many fun baby boy shower decorating ideas! A lot of these ideas are great for gender-neutral baby showers, too.

Make certain to have a fun diaper cake and a guest book and you’re just about all set once you pick a fun theme from the choices below! (these are also great birthday party ideas as well for when you’re baby grows up!)

Check out these Little Man Baby Shower Centerpieces that are perfect as well.

What are fun baby shower games?

No matter what your baby shower theme is, you can always have fun game ideas. I love anything that has to do with guessing the name or giving the mom fun advice but you can easily tie in fun-themed games as well.

Some examples of themed baby shower games would be:

You can even just pick and choose from all and make them work! There’s no wrong way to do it.

What are some food ideas to serve at baby showers?

Be certain to feed your guests! They’re there to support you but they’re going to be hungry, too!

Some food ideas for the baby boy baby shower could be:

See the food trend that I’m going with here? Blue food items for your baby boy! There are so many fun recipes that are fast, delicious, and easy!

How early do you send out invitations for a baby shower?

You need to be certain to give your guests at least a month’s notice. If you want to make your own invitations, great! Just print them and mail them out!

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

The baby blue robin’s egg is a popular theme for a baby shower for a boy. Some of the decorations can be little nests.  Plus, all the decorations can be used in a blue baby nursery.

Nursery-Themed Baby Showers

It is always nice to tie in the theme of a baby shower to the theme of the nursery. That way some of the decorations used can possibly be taken home and used in the nursery.

If airplane-themed nursery, some oversized airplane decals will look great on the nursery walls.

nautical themed shower is a popular one for a boy. Decorate with lots of sailing and anchors. You can serve doughnuts as life preservers among your other party food.

I love all of these Robin’s Egg Blue Baby Shower Decorations! They’re perfect for decorating easily.

These Little Man Baby Shower Decorations are always a good addition.

ideas for baby shower for a boy

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

Bubbles and Yellow ducks – cute, right? You could even go a step farther and have people only bring bathtime goodies. That would be especially good for a second child’s shower. A Rubber Ducky Baby shower seems so cute!

Other baby animals are popular for baby showers, such as baby ducks, which could be made into a bath-time-themed party.

Mustaches are HUGE these days. Host a “little man” shower filled with chocolate mustaches and bow tie garland.

Name-Themed Baby Boy Shower Ideas:

One fun way to decide the theme of a baby shower is if you already know the name of the baby. Then, you can base the boy baby shower theme around the name.

For example:

If Jonah, you can have a whale theme. I have seen cute baby whale party ideas like the ones below:

If the boy’s name will be Noah, Noah’s Ark is always such a cute theme.

Branson would make a great musical theme with guitars and records for the baby shower decorations.

Hunter would be fabulous as a deer, duck, bear hunting theme with camo and forest green color scheme.

See how fun this can be? It’s a super fun play on words – or in this case, baby boy names!

Sports Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Sports-themed showers are popular for boys. Especially if it is a shower in which the men are invited or you are planning a party close to a large sports event like the Super Bowl. 

What about a Roll Tide Shower? You can easily do this with any professional or college team.

Baseball Themed Baby Shower

There are so many Baseball Baby Shower Ideas that are perfect for a cute baby shower!

A baseball themed party can include decorations like foam fingers and banners.

The cake can be in the shape of a ball diamond and you can serve hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks for fun foods.

This Epic Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board is the perfect snacking tray for kids!

Don’t forget the baby shower favors of cute little items or baseball-themed candy. You can decide the perfect party favor.

Add these Baseball-Themed Baby Shower Centerpieces to all the tables!

Use these Baseball themed baby shower invitations to send out to all your guests!

Check out this list of Baseball Themed Baby Shower Food ideas!

Golf Themed Party for Expectant Mom

Also, golf-themed baby showers can be lots of fun, especially if the mother or father loves the game.

Have white cake balls instead of a cake. Planters with grass make easy, cute centerpieces.

Basketball Themed Baby Shower

Having a basketball baby shower is a “slam dunk” idea. Just get some cute foods, have everyone guess how much the “basketball” in your tummy is going to weigh when born, and don’t forget to have some Basketball Quotes scattered about, too.

Animal Themed Baby Showers

Having a party that is animal-themed is one of the cutest ideas, ever! There are a lot of animals to choose from but below you’ll find some of my favorite choices.

If an animal theme, stuffed animals placed on the tables can easily be incorporated into the nursery decor.

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! If you like the animal theme, how about a jungle theme? Great idea for the boys. Some of the decorations can be little stuffed animals of monkeys, elephants, zebras and more, that the mother-to-be can take home and add to the nursery.

Frog Theme Ideas

Nothing cuter than a little frog prince, is there? With bright green and yellow, little frogs are perfect for boys. A frog theme is a great idea!

Owl Themed Baby Shower

Owls are adorable right now and they, surprisingly, now come in all colors. You can use blues and green for a baby boy shower – think “Who” is having a baby

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Puppies are always cute, no matter what. These adorable dog-themed party ideas are sure to help you have the best ever shower for the mom-to-be.

boy baby shower ideas

Movie-Themed Baby Shower Fun

If you’re a fan of movies, check out these Monster Inc Baby Shower Ideas! There are so many fun ways that you can have a movie inspired party for the expectant mother!

You can easily have some fun Delicious Recipes Inspired by Disney’s Saving Mr Banks or have people dress up as their favorite Disney characters, too!

I also love these Music Themed Baby Shower Decorations which could pair up with movie themes.

Have fun planning because boy-themed events are so much fun!

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