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Jungle Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are PERFECT

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Are you looking for some super cute Jungle Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas? If you’re ready to welcome in your adorable bundle of joy amongst lions and tigers and bears oh my, you’re going to love these jungle-themed baby shower ideas and gifts.

must have jungle themed gifts for a safari themed baby shower

Having a baby shower party to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child is a reason to have a blast! Channel your own inner jungle animal and check out some of these cute and adorable jungle baby shower gift ideas!

Organizing a baby shower with a jungle theme provides an array of creative possibilities. The wild side of the jungle, filled with palm leaves and lions, can be the inspiration for your party decor. But what truly stands out in this theme is the adorable baby elephant, which can serve as a charming centerpiece.

One delightful idea is to present party favors in elephant favor boxes. These boxes, available in various designs and colors, are perfect for wrapping small gifts or candies. They not only serve as a token of appreciation for the guests but also add a unique touch to the jungle theme. 

What are some animals you can incorporate into your Jungle themed baby shower?

A jungle-themed baby shower offers endless possibilities for incorporating all sorts of adorable animals into the decor, games, and even the food. 

Here are some animals you might consider to a cute hint of the wild element to yourbaby shower. 

Safari, jungle, or the entire tropical forest – no matter what you call it, the amount of the wild animals that will make adorable new baby gifts is something else:

  1. Elephants: These gentle giants are a popular choice for baby showers due to their association with wisdom, strength, and loyalty.
  2. Lions: Known as the king of the jungle, lions symbolize courage and power. They can be incorporated in a fun, playful manner, especially as adorable lion cubs.
  3. Monkeys: Monkeys are playful and fun-loving creatures, making them a great addition to a baby shower. You could have monkey-themed games or even a ‘monkey around’ play area for kids.
  4. Giraffes: With their long necks and unique spots, giraffes add a touch of uniqueness to your theme. Plus, they’re often associated with looking ahead and taking things in stride – a nice sentiment for expecting parents!
  5. Zebras: Zebras, with their striking black and white stripes, can add a visually appealing element to your decor.
  6. Tigers: Tigers are a symbol of courage and power. Incorporating tigers into your theme can add a bold touch.
  7. Parrots: Adding some tropical birds like parrots can bring a pop of color to your jungle theme.
  8. Frogs: These little creatures can be a cute addition, especially if you’re including a pond or water feature in your decor.
  9. Butterflies: For a softer touch to your jungle theme, butterflies can be a beautiful addition. They symbolize transformation – apt for a baby shower!

Remember, the key is to keep it fun and playful. After all, it’s a celebration of new life and beginnings!

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What to include in a jungle themed baby gift basket?

Crafting a jungle-themed baby gift basket can be an exciting and imaginative endeavor! 

Here’s a guide to what you might want to incorporate:

Themed Clothing: Seek out baby essentials like organic cotton bodysuits, onesies, bibs, or socks adorned with jungle animals such as lions, monkeys, or elephants. These high-quality items not only serve a practical purpose but also align perfectly with the theme.

Plush Toys: Soft, cuddly toys of jungle animals are a delightful addition to the gift box. Ensure they are safe for babies.

Jungle-Themed Books: Introduce the little one to the enchanting world of the jungle with children’s books like “The Jungle Book” or “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”

Baby Blanket: A plush, warm blanket featuring a jungle pattern can double as a cozy cover-up and a decor item.

Nursery Decor: Enhance the baby’s room with jungle-themed items from the decor collection, such as wall decals, mobiles, or picture frames with jungle animals. A cheery sock monkey picture could serve as a charming focal point!

Teething Toys: Jungle animal-shaped silicone teething toys can be a hit with babies.

Bath Toys: Make bath time more entertaining with rubber or plastic jungle animal bath toys.

Jungle Sound Machine: A sound machine emitting soothing jungle sounds can lull the baby to sleep.

Consider including baby grooming items like a baby brush and a baby manicure set. Also, don’t forget to add cute cotton baby beanies and handmade bows for that extra touch!



Ensure all items are age-appropriate and safe.

To complete the perfect gift for the baby shower safari, consider including a card with a heartfelt gift message for the new parents.

This thoughtful gesture can make your jungle-themed baby gift basket even more special.

Should you buy baby shower gifts for the baby to use or the mom?

This is totally up to you. Some people buy things that the baby will need over the course of their first few months of life while others choose to use this as a time to pamper the mom and get her something nice instead. Or, you can do a combination of both!

Jungle or Safari must have gifts for a baby shower

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Jungle Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This list of Jungle Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas is too cute to pass up!

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Now that you know your choices for really cute gift ideas, which one of these jungle themed baby shower gift ideas are you going to buy?

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