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Pink Baby Shower Ideas She’s Sure to Love!

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Looking for some amazing pink baby shower ideas that are easy and simple to do? You’ll fall in love these these fun ideas to celebrate the birth of the upcoming baby girl!

If you need more baby shower theme ideas, be sure to check out my big list of baby shower themes–you’re sure to find one the mom-to-be finds simply adorable.

a ton of neat ideas for someone having a pink baby shower

Pink is just the cutest little color. Definitely not a theme for a gender neutral baby shower or a gender reveal, but definitely a cute and popular way to announce that a little girl is about ready to be born into this world, and that is such exciting news!

If you’re looking for some ways that you can showcase your baby shower with pink, there are literally a ton of great options available to be able to do so. 

Here are some super fun and adorable pink themed baby shower ideas that the guests of honor will love and their friends and family will think is soooo cute!

Pink Baby Shower Ideas

Now, I would like to note that while I love the idea of a pink baby shower, I’d like to point out that pink and gold, polka dots and unicorns are also “in” for combinations with a pink baby sprinkle them.

So, if you want to put a little spin on your party and be the hostess with the mostess, well, adding that little twist on “just pink” can really set your party off.

Now, onto the pinkness.


There are a ton of free pink resources that you can use to bring pink into your baby shower! Head to the local grocery or florist and find some pink roses for centerpieces and use pink stuffed animals that you may already have to set around the room. One really cool idea is to ask the mom-to-be’s mom or dad if they’ve saved any stuffed animals from when you were younger that you can use, too!.

You can get a whole pink decorating kit of party supplies with this affiliate link. And just FYI, this link and some of the others contained here are Amazon affiliate links because I want you to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Check out these cute pink baby shower decorations as well. You can find streamers, plates, napkins, balloons, party favors, paper lanterns and literally a ton of other items all in your favorite color – pink!

And don’t forget balloons. That’s one thing that I just have to have at any party I throw.

baby girl themed baby shower ideas in pink

Pink Themed Food

Everyone knows that food is one of the biggest drivers for people attending your baby shower. (besides your bundle of joy, of course) Set the pink party off with a bang with these delicious Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’ll be a great focal point for your buffet table.

You’ve probably heard of Red Velvet cupcakes, but these Pink Velvet Cupcakes are certain to steal the show. When it comes to finding amazing desserts, there is no limit to just how pink they can be! 

If you’re more into cake pops rather than cupcakes, guess what?! I have a fun pink cake pop recipe that is insanely tasty and super easy to make.

And just when you think you can’t possibly have any more pink snacks, you’ll love these pink muddy buddy treats! Make certain that you make a double or a triple batch so all your guests can grab as much as they want! 

Another creative idea is to have an “all pink” candy table. Line it will Nerds, pink gumballs, pink starbursts, and anything and everything else pink candy that you can find. Not only will you discover new candy that you didn’t know existed, but you’ll also get to taste test your way through them to make certain they’re a good fit for the shower! 

If you want to go look at your local party store, you can find a tooon of pink candies to make your candy table. It will be a little less stressful than trying to find all sorts of pink-only candies that are by themselves.

I can only find a couple online like this bag of pink Starburst. So, go check out the party store–they’ll have more variety that you can find easily. Because it won’t be fun having to pick through bags and bags of candy to find just the pink ones.

If you’d like more pink dessert ideas, be sure to check out my 20+ pink desserts! You’re sure to find a ton of great ideas to put on your buffet table.

This recipe for pink ice cream floats is both a party decoration and a tasty beverage certain to quench thirst! Everyone loves a good drink that they can enjoy again and again And when that drink just happens to have ice cream it it, you know it’s a true winner every single time! 

For more pink drink ideas, check out these 20+ pink mocktails that are PERFECT for a pink themed baby sprinkle!

Pink Favors/Take-Aways

Have a craft station at the baby shower to keep the little kids active and entertained. The twist? Only have pink crayons and markers there for them to use!

While they may think it’s different at first, they’ll love being able to be creative in their coloring. Everything is just better in pink! Then they can take home their creations as a fun memory of their time at the pink themed baby sprinkle.

Besides crafts, having a goodie bag for the guests is always a good idea as well. Hand out favor bags filled with some pink lip gloss and pink fingernail polish to everyone that attends!

And for little kids, some pink flavored chapstick is always a great idea as well. But you could even get them some pink cotton candy, pink slime or pink bouncy balls–kids are super easy to please like that. LOL!

Another pink “favor” would include having that pink candy buffet set-up with take-away bags that the guests can fill with their favorite candies and take home with them. Little pink Chinese take-out boxes would make adorable take-away boxes for this kind of party favor.

baby shower ideas in a pink theme

Have fun deciding what you want to have at your pink baby shower. With so many great options from food, drink and decoration, and even some great gift ideas, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never run out of ideas or options to celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby girl! 

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