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You Can’t Say No to Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby showers, especially their invitations, have changed over the years. Long gone are the boring little hand-written cards with ducks and bunnies on them. Here to stay are unique invitations that look like tickets, onesies, popsicles, circus posters, and other not-so-babyish designs. The newest designs in invitations are so inviting that guests will immediately put the date on their calendars so they will be sure to attend.

how to find the cutest baby shower invites

Choosing baby shower invitations can be overwhelming. I know, I’ve been there. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you could buy custom printed invitations from your favorite paper shop. If you want to spend a little less, you can buy specialty paper designed for invitations and print your very own.

Select a Creative Theme

Before you even choose your invitations, you should first select the theme for the shower you are planning. I try to choose the theme based on the personality of the mother and her own personal style. Sometimes, I will get the mother-to-be in the planning of theme, especially if I know that she has a particular style and does not want to be surprised. Since the invitation sets the stage for the actual shower, I always make them stylish, modern, and intriguing.

Use Online Templates for One-of-a-Kind Invitations

Instead of hiring a printing company to design my baby shower invitations, I usually turn to baby shower invitation templates. I can choose my favorite paper products and I can write my own personalized invitations. When I first looked through templates, I thought I had to use the wording they provided, but this is not the case. Templates simply provide a layout that you can use so you can fill in your own words. In many cases, I was able to move the words around so I could put them anywhere I wanted on the invitation.

Sonogram Invites Show the Sweet Baby

I have used several different baby shower invitation templates, from chic minimalist styles to flowery vintage styles with cupie dolls. My current favorite templates have spaces for the favorite sonogram pictures. Some of the cutest have a silhouette of an adorable pregnant mom-to-be with a circular sonogram picture in her belly. The other sonogram-style templates have places for the pictures inside of scrolled frames or in squares that can be decorated with embellishments like stars, bows, shells, or other thematic items. If the mom-to-be has had 3D sonogram, those sweet little pictures can be used in gallery-style invitations. In my experience, once my guests receive their invitations with the precious sonogram picture emblazoned on it, they all show up to the shower.

Surprise Guests with a Not-so-babyish Invitation

I also like the templates that have nothing typical about them. For example, I have printed invitations with black damask backgrounds, bold chevrons, and ultra-chic animal prints. When I send invitations that do not suggest a typical mom-to-be shower theme, the guests want to know more about the event. I usually receive a few phone calls asking about the event, what they should wear, and where the mom-to-be is registers. I love being able to let my guests know that they should not miss out because I’m hiring a fabulous caterer or that the mom is registered at a boutique that should not be missed.

Book Party for Mom-to-be and Moms-in-need

Another fun template to use is one that suggests what is important to the mom. One fun shower idea is the book shower. Since we all know that reading is important, a baby book shower allows guests to bring their favorite books for the mom or for the baby. So many moms-to-be already have everything they need for the baby, so a book shower is one way that guests can feel like they are making a difference. I usually ask that the guests bring two copies of their favorite books, one for the guest-of-honor and a second copy for teen moms at local schools. The invitations should inform the guests about bringing books in lieu of registered gifts. You can also inform them to write a special note to the baby, along with the date of the shower, inside of the book – this negates the need for buying a card, too.

Crafty Folding Ideas

There have occasionally been times when I have felt particularly crafty and I have made foldable invitations. My crafty invitations have not become simply half-fold cards, but diapers, prams, a set of peas that can be removed from a pod (for twins), and little winged owls. The diapers closed with an old-fashioned pin, the prams had a removable blanket with the shower invitation, and the owl’s wings folded away to reveal the shower information. It was easy to find the templates online so I could cut the paper and print the date, time, and location for the party on the invitations

Ship Special Memories Via Post

In most cases, I have not had any problem finding invitations to match a shower theme. When I had a candy shower for a mom-to-be, I made invitations out of theater-size Junior Mints candy boxes. I have sent tiny custom-printed magnets to my guests. The magnets serve as the reminder for the shower. For my friend who loves the ocean, I sent a shower invitation inside of tiny box of four chocolates that were shaped like seashells. Anytime I can create a special memory before the party even occurs, nearly every invited guest shows up for the occasion.

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