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May Baby Shower Ideas

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Planning a May baby shower is full of endless possibilities! You can go themed like the beach or stick to the fun and highly anticipated season of summer. However you decide to do it, there is no shortage of baby shower ideas for May! If you’re wondering what kind of May baby shower ideas are out there, here are a few fun ideas to help get your planning started!

Throwing or hosting a baby shower in May is amazing! The weather is warmer and people are antsy about getting out and being social, after what always seems like a long winter of cold. One of the best reasons to bring a group of people together for fun and festivities is a May baby shower!

adorable May baby shower theme ideas

May Baby Shower Ideas

One fun way to host a baby shower, is to think of all the new little animals, that are going to be popping out their heads and ready for the warm weather! Baby birds and their nests can be a great way to ring in a super adorable May baby shower! Have little “nest” treats as snacks for the guests to nibble on and create a fun ambiance by having a nest craft for the kiddos to build and create as well.

Be the Hostess with the Mostess with a Zoo Theme

If you want to stay on the theme of animals, it’s always fun to have a zoo theme as well and focus on all the baby animals at that zoo. Giraffe cupcakes are simply adorable and who doesn’t love the idea of receiving zoo-themed baby shower invitations in the mail? Trust me, this is going to be such a fun party.

baby shower ideas for May

May Baby Themed Shower 

Maybe you want to stay away from animals a bit and are looking for something different. You should think about having a bubble themed May baby shower. Seriously. Not only are they crazy fun, but sending everyone home with a cute little bubble bath creation is one seriously cute baby shower gift. Here are even more great gift ideas!

You can even give one of these to all those who made the effort of attending. Sending home a party favor with those who attend it a GOOD idea. Hey, you could have a 100 layer of bubbles and no one would know. This would be a fun idea for a girl baby shower or a boy baby shower.  You have to admit that the color scheme for a baby shower like this will be FUN! What a great way to start project nursery. This would be one fun way to catch my party!

Fun Bubble Ideas for the Guest of Honor

Other fun bubbles ideas can be that the mom to be is about to “pop”, so be thinking in terms of that as a fun and unique May baby shower as well. Fun finger foods like “pop”corn would be a big hit, and having little finger foods like jello is always a great idea as well. You would need some delicious homemade cake “pops” to go along with the theme as well!

Have the guests bring along their favorite pack of diapers too! You can have the guest list as long or as short as you want. The baby shower decor for this kind of party will also be so much fun!

Rubber Ducky Themed Baby Showers

Rubber ducky themed baby showers are also a great idea for May! Who doesn’t love adorable rubber duckies? Plus, it’s a theme that would work for either a boy or a girl. Head to the local dollar store and pick up a bunch of rubber duckies and have them lying out as table decor. (Totally quick and easy, right?!)

You can also print out some fun duck coloring pages to have scattered about as well. That way, the kiddos have an activity to keep them happy as well. There are so many rubber ducky themed treats and decorations that you’ll never run out of ideas!

Having a May baby shower is full of so many possibilities. Who says that you have to stick with one theme? You can totally combine bubbles and rubber duckies. You can even throw a baby shower theme with baby animals with zoo animals.

If you wanted to really throw a May baby shower, that no one will ever forget, combine them all. It’s not just black and white, there are all kinds of baby shower games out there.

Be fun and be creative when it comes to hosting or throwing your own baby shower. It’s your time to shine in celebration of your upcoming bundle of joy. If you have a bun in the oven, these themed shower games are going to rock your world.

from bubbles to rubber duckies and more May themed baby shower ideas

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