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Owl Themed Baby Shower

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Let’s be honest…owls are just downright adorable. From the cute little faces of a woodland owl to the sweet sounds of a Barred Owl, no one can deny that an owl themed baby shower is the perfect setting for any mom-to-be.

The great part about hosting an owl themed baby shower? It’s totally super simple and easy to do! Here are some great owl themed baby shower ideas to get your baby shower planning started! Great baby shower ideas for boys and girls.

adorable owl themed baby shower

“Who” wouldn’t want to entertain the idea of celebrating the upcoming arrival of a sweet little boy or girl while being surrounded by owls. See what I did there? Seriously this is one of the best ideas for a gender neutral baby shower.

Owl Themed Baby Shower:

Don’t skip on the owl themed napkins, plates and cups for your upcoming baby shower! The more items that you can find to match your theme, the better!

Owl themed baby showers aren’t just for little girls anymore. If you are expecting a little boy, why not try out a few of these fun options for a baby boy owl themed shower?

Finding the perfect treats for your baby shower shouldn’t be hard. With these fun and festive food ideas, you’ll have no issues giving your guests some truly fun options to enjoy and nosh on.

Don’t forget the centerpieces for your tables! These owl centerpieces will leave everyone wondering “whoooo” made them!

This Owl Themed Diaper Cake not only makes for great decor, but is also a super neat (and useful) gift for the mom-to-be!

Banners, banners everywhere! Announce the arrival of your baby girl loud and proud with this adorable banner.

Keeping it simple is always a great idea for any boy or girl baby shower, so why not give this owl sheet cake a try? It’s simple, delicious, and certain to be a hit. After all, everyone loves cake!

If you want a fancier owl cake for your guests, this adorable option may be just what you’re looking for. With layers and fondant, it’s certain to impress.

Make these cute Punch Art Owls to use on your baby shower decorations and invitations.  They are pretty easy to make and can be done while watching television.

Owls are known for their bright and big eyes, and these adorable owl cupcakes know just how to show them off!

Crafts are always a great idea to have as an option at your baby shower. If there are going to be kids allowed and attending as well, these DIY owl crafts are the perfect way to keep them entertained for hours on end!

Who says that owl crafts have to be just for kids? Adults should be able to jump in on the fun as well and can totally do so with these adult owl crafts!  Crafts and DIY items make great baby shower favors because they can replace a game and give the attendees something to take home.

If you’re looking for a fun baby shower party favor gift for your baby shower attendees to take home, why not give these wooden owl ornaments a try? It’s something that everyone can do on their own, and have something awesome to take with them once the baby shower is over.

It’s not possible to have too many options for the little ones attending your baby shower. Printing off games, coloring pages, and other fun options is a great way to keep them busy and help them have a little fun until it’s time to eat the cake and cupcakes!

Sending out the perfect owl baby shower invitations is so important for setting the tone for your baby shower. With these adorable owl themed baby shower invitations, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind of what your theme is!

owl themed baby shower ideas

It is pretty easy to make this party gender neutral or geared more towards boy or girl. For a girl owl baby shower just use pink polka dots and a pink owl cake. For a boy, go with more bluer chevron and a blue owls!

Have fun planning out all the details for your upcoming baby shower. It’s a time for you to shine and focus on you and your soon to arrive bundle of joy. If you want to have literally everything decorated and covered in owls, make it happen!

After all, when it’s all said and done, there’s a good chance that some of the owl party decorations used may possibly be able to be used in your baby nursery as well!

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