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Puppy Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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Throwing a baby shower is always a reason to get excited, but if you’re planning a themed event, you can really go to town with decorating, food, and more! One of the cutest baby shower themes is puppies. After all, puppies are cute!

Whether you’re having a boy or a girl, these puppy themed baby shower ideas are just plain adorable. And they’re easy to make! Try these ideas for an unforgettably cute baby shower just for you!

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Cute Puppy Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Ideas:

This is a great list of baby shower ideas!

1. These Printable Dog Stick Puppets would be an adorable way to decorate party favors!

2. These Homemade Dog Bone Shaped Tortilla Chips with fruit salsa!

3. Instead of regular invitations, send out these Puppy Ears Greeting Cards to let guests know about your party!

4. Whip up these cute Puppy Cupcakes for dessert!

5. Print these Puppy Lollipop Holders, color them in, and attach them to lollipops as favors!

6. These Candy Coated Fetch Sticks made from pretzels are adorable appetizers!

7. Thank your guests for coming by sending them home with gifts in these DIY Puppy Dog Trinket Boxes!

8. Add these Dog Bone Shaped Crispy Rice Treats to your sweets table!

9. Decorate your tables with these super cute Easy Origami Puppies!

10. Cook these Homemade Hush Puppies and serve them with my favorite condiment: ketchup and mustard mixed together!

11. Let the kids help you make these Balloon Puppies and challenge your guests to see who can keep theirs from popping the longest!

Puppy Themed Ideas for a Baby Shower

12. Put some of this Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow into a gift bag and hand it out at the party!

13. These Chocolate Spotted PB&J Puppy Sandwiches are adorable finger foods!

14. Print up some of these Puppy Coloring Pages and let your guests bring their kids along!

15. These Cherry Slush Puppies make a perfect drink for your puppy party!

16. Put the pieces of this Printable Puppy Craft in front of each guest’s seat (without instructions) and see who can put it together first!

17. Make some DIY Dog Cutout Cookies for your dessert table!

18. Hand out these Puppy Printable Maze sheets for your little visitors!

19. This gorgeous Puppy Cake would make a lovely centerpiece!

20. Have a quick game with this Printable Dog Word Search! Set a timer for one minute and see which guest has found the most breed names. Give them a prize!

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Resources:

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