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Frog Baby Shower Ideas

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Throwing a frog themed baby shower is just one of those themes that open up to a wide variety of fun. Who doesn’t love the little green creatures and everything that they do? Hopping from place to place with the cutest “ribbets” around made frogs the perfect focal point for a Frog Baby Shower.

The great part about throwing a frog baby shower is that it can work for either a boy or a girl! There are so many ways to incorporate the Frog Prince or the Princess and the Frog ideas into a beautiful and fun baby shower. And of course, the green color is perfect for a boy and it’s simple to incorporate the pink color for a girl. If you happen to be having twins, just double the frogs and it’s as quick and easy as that!

frog baby shower ideas

If you are looking for a few fun ways to incorporate frogs into your upcoming baby shower, here are some fun ways to make it happen!

Frog Baby Shower Ideas

No baby shower would be complete without a themed cake to go along with it! This DIY Frog Cake is super simple and perfectly adorable!

These homemade frog gummies would be perfect for a fun treat for the kids and adults!

Don’t forget to send out the invitations! These FREE and adorable frog templates are perfect to invite all your family and friends!

Why not keep with the green frog theme and have some delicious green punch to serve as well?

Stun your guests with these beautiful lily pad centerpieces that you’ll have sitting on all the tables.

Every shower needs balloons, and your frog themed baby shower would be lacking if you didn’t have green balloons for the kids to play with!

Kids and adults will love these perfectly sized Frog Pond snacks. Super simple and so much fun for your upcoming Frog baby shower!

It’s always a good idea to have some healthy options at your baby shower as well! These Apple Frogs are definitely healthy, but may be just too cute to eat!

If you’re feeling really creative, these adorable Oreo Frogs are certain to be a hit!

frog themed baby shower ideas

Have all the kids in attendance make a fun keepsake for your little’s one memory box with this fun Handprint Frog Craft!

These Origami Frogs are the perfect addition to the Frog themed baby shower! They can be used as centerpieces or made to be a fun game to see who can make them the quickest and best!

Have these Foam Cup Frogs as the centerpiece on the gift table! So cute and easy to do!

These DIY frog masks are perfect for some baby shower selfie fun!

Everyone loves playing games at baby showers, so having this Frog BINGO game is a must!

Set out a few of these Frog Board Games at various tables so that everyone can stop and play whenever they want.

The great part about using frogs for your upcoming baby shower is that you can do some many different directions with it. You have can a cute and fun theme, or a more reptile themed approach depending on the preference. A few other fun games that you can have to play for the guests and kids would be:

  • LeapFrog (outdoors, of course!)
  • Frog Hop Relay (everyone has to hop like frogs from one end of the room to the other)

The more frog themed ideas that you can incorporate into your frog baby shower, the better! And if you happen to have some real live frogs that you can bring for people to view, why not? Keep them in their aquarium for safety reasons and have them be a fun focal point for the baby shower as well!

sweet froggy baby shower ideas for boys and girls

Sharing is caring!

Mother of 3

Thursday 2nd of August 2018

So many cute ideas! I didn't have a frog themed shower but I did have a frog themed nursery for my oldest son.

Kelli Miller

Friday 10th of August 2018

awe sweet! I LOVE frogs :-) Growing up, my room was frogs and sunflowers :-)