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Owl Themed Baby Shower Games

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These Owl Themed Baby Shower Games are just about the silliest and most fun games for a baby shower that you can come up with. They’re simple to set up and perfect for even the least-engaged crowd.

If you’re looking for more owl baby shower ideas, be sure to check out my 12+ owl baby shower ideas to make the perfect baby shower party that’s a total hoot. Heh.

Disclosure: I work with Cricut as a Brand Ambassador. This post also contains affiliate links.

But back to these printable baby shower games and how awesome they are. Of all the things I made for this easy owl baby shower, these games were the simplest.

Seriously just a print, then pull together the fun stuff.

And this is supposed to be fun, so I picked the most simple games. And ones that are ridiculously silly.

You can seriously have your games printed and all the “set up” done in about 10 minutes. They’re that simple. And you can fill the entire baby shower “down time” with these games–there’s enough activity to keep everyone busy until closing time.

So, put your fun hat on and let’s get some baby shower games going!

Necessary Materials for the Printables:

Ok. So, I’ve touted how easy these games are to put together, but you’ve got to know that there’s a hitch, right? Wrong.

They’re really that simple.

You can tell because this is where the rubber hits the road: what do you need to make these games?

Just to do the printable you’ll need these:

Necessary Materials for the Games:

Now you’ve got the prints done, so you’re ready to jusmp right in and play some of the games, but what about the others?

Well, you’re honestly not going to need very much. And, although you can use anything you want, here’s what I recommend:

  • Diapers (about 10 max)
  • Goodies to Fill the Diapers (see my tips–I’ve got ideas)
  • Pacifiers (enough for all of your party guests)
  • Bottles (enough for all of your party guests)
  • Some Prizes to Win like a Baby Doll or Gift Cards–nothing big though

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re really looking to make these printable owl baby shower game ideas pop, you’re going to need to do some things before you play. Good news for you, I have some ideas that will make it so much easier than you think.

  • Grab some diapers (you should have some extras after making your diaper cake) and fill them with some fun stuff to smell. Just 10 or so. And don’t be scared, you can put a half-melted candy bar in one, ice cream in another, corn in one, spinach, you name it. I mean, anything can go in those diapers for that game.
  • Set up a chalk line on concrete or just pop a ribbon on two sticks to establish your “starting line” for your spit the paci game. Then, give everybody a paci and go. Make sure to gather all of the pacis when you’re done and go ahead and sanitize them so that the new mom doesn’t have to worry about that before popping them in baby’s mouth. Make sure to do the same for the bottle chug game. Don’t make mom have to sanitize everything.
  • Leave a pile of clothespins in a pile with the game instructions for the clothespin game. Then just let that one play itself.
  • Use the table scatter in this set of Owl Themed Shower Decoration Pieces for your

More Fun Owl Baby Shower Supplies:

You can always use just about anything you’d like to decorate for your owl baby shower. But, because I wanted to be seriously-extra, I made a whole set of print-and-cut pieces for the Cricut that I could just pop out at home…and then a diaper cake…and some baby shower invitations. I told you I’m extra.

More Owl Baby Shower Ideas

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