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Little Man Baby Shower Ideas

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Needing a few Little Man Baby Shower Ideas? You’re in the right place! Planning a baby shower is always a lot of fun but there are a lot of little details to remember.

The good news is that I’ve got you covered with a ton of great ideas and ways that you can make it one of the best baby showers ever. Make sure to check out my other baby shower ideas for boys as well for even more great tips!

Having a little man baby shower theme is a great way to get ready for your baby boy.

No matter if you want to have a dashing little man mustache party or are just looking for party decoration ideas, you’ll love the cute items listed here!

You can even use some of these for a fun birthday party theme, too! Just remember that as you’re going through the process to make sure that you’re having fun!

That’s the key to any type of party success!

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Little Man Baby Shower Ideas

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the things that you have left to do for the baby shower, focus on some of these simple additions that can make the baby shower great!

Little Man Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

If you’re wanting people to come to your baby shower, you need to make up some invitations to get them there!

You can make your own homemade invitations or order from a site. There are also some really cute baby shower invitations that let everyone know the theme!

Be creative with your invitation but just make sure that you send them out in plenty of time.

Little Man Decor and Baby Shower Decorations

When you’re celebrating a little man soon to be born, there are so many fun baby shower decor ideas to think about!

Since you can use a variety of options to decorate, why not do a blend? I love these Bow Tie Baby Shower Ideas because I can just imagine your little man wearing the cutest little baby bow tie!

You can also line the tables with these Little Man Baby Shower Centerpieces! They’re a fun and simple way to stick to the theme.

And if you’re going for the color blue for a boy baby shower, these Robin’s Egg Blue Baby Shower Decorations are a great idea as well. You can even set up some really cool photo booth props for everyone to snap pictures with!



Don’t forget that you can skip buying a decoration kit for a ton of money and just have fun creating your own.

Baby Shower Games

When it comes to games, think outside the box to have some great ones for your guests!

You can easily have a “pin the mustache” game happening on the wall or even a “who can tie a bow tie” the best and fastest race as well.

I also love the idea of having all the guests write down their “manliest” names for a baby boy as well and having them read out loud. Certain to bring on the laughs!

Little Man Baby Shower Food

I’m not saying that people only come to baby showers for food…but it is a part of the package. There are some really great snack ideas that you can incorporate into the day.

They’ll love these Baby Boy Bow Tie Cupcakes as a fun way to have a handheld snack.

You can add in this Simple Blue Puppy Chow Recipe as a sweet treat as well.

For a punch idea, why not have this Hawaiian Blue Mocktail for everyone to drink?!

I also think that having some sort of grill-out baby shower could be fun as well! These Grilled Pizza Recipes might be a huge hit! You can also make these Best Ever Easy Hamburger Patties as well!

Don’t forget that having options for finger food can be a great way to feed everyone!

Little Man Party Favors

Make sure that people don’t leave the baby shower without some sort of party favor! This can be something homemade, unique, or just plain fun!

Since you’re celebrating a little man, a fun baby shower gift idea might be this Homemade Guinness Soap! It’s a manly smell that would be a cute and DIY party favor.

You can also have a batch of popped Gourmet Popcorn Recipes packed and ready to go! Put a cute little mustache party favor sticker on each one for the perfect touch!

More Baby Shower Fun

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