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Super Tasty Blue Mocktail Recipes

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Looking for some fun and tasty blue mocktail recipes? Check out these blue party drinks that are super easy and packed full of that fun blue color. Perfect for a party punch recipe, baby shower, or great for the 4th of July, you’re certain to find an easy recipe here that will go perfectly in your punch bowl at home.

These non alcoholic blue drinks are such a fun blue theme that taste great, too. Here are some of the best mocktail recipes that everyone can enjoy.

blue mocktail recipes

If you’ve a fan of blue Hawaiian punch, get ready to love all of these simple drink recipes. With ingredients like ice cream, pineapple juice, and other fruit juices, the flavors are all so unique and different!

Do these punch recipes taste like kool-aid?

While kool-aid might be an added ingredient, they actually don’t taste “just” like kool-aid. Depending on what else is added, each mocktail recipe will have a unique taste and flavor.

What are some fun flavors that you’ll taste with these homemade mocktail drinks?

Some of these recipes have added lime juice and lemon lime soda as well so there will be a few that have a citrus taste for sure.

Blue Mocktail Recipes

There’s nothing to feel sad or “blue” about with these tasty drinks! The level of sweetness and flavor is so good!

blue party drinks

Which one of these blue mocktail recipes are you going to make first?

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