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Practical and Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Looking for some great baby shower gift ideas? Don’t miss out on these suggestions! Not only will you get great tips on present ideas for a baby shower, but you’ll also get some great tips on what the moms and dads of the newborn baby actually need.

These Baby Shower Ideas will have you giving the new mom to be the best possible gifts, ever. You might also find some unique baby shower gift ideas, too! Having great gift options for unique baby shower gifts is the best! Plus, they get put to good use!

Here are some of the most useful baby shower gifts that any new parent needs.

all the baby shower gift ideas you will need

When it comes to finding the perfect baby shower gift, sometimes it feels like a daunting task. But with a little creativity, you can find the perfect present that will show the expecting parents just how special they are to you.

One great way to find a unique gift is to think about what the parents will need as they care for their new baby. For example, consider purchasing a practical item like a diaper bag or stroller.

Or, if you want to go the extra mile, you could personalize the gift with a monogram or customized fabric.

Another great idea is to choose a gift that is related to the baby’s theme or interests. If you know that the parents are planning to raise their child in a certain religion, for example, you could purchase a Bible or prayer book specifically for newborns.

Or, if the baby is going to be a future athlete, why not purchase some sports equipment?

If the parents are big travelers or outdoorsy folks, don’t just give a baby carrier! Give them one of the best baby carriers for travel!

Whatever gift you choose, make sure to put your own personal touch on it. This will show the parents that you took the time and effort to find the perfect present for them and their new baby.

Here are some simple tips on how and what to buy for the upcoming baby shower. The only thing that you need to worry about is weeding it down to the best gift. You’ll find that practical gifts always make a good baby shower gift, but make it hard to choose!

Choose one of the options below that will get a lot of use and will be a great addition for the new family. The good news is that any gift below makes literally the beset baby-shower gift!

Check out the list of baby shower gifts below to find the best fit!

What to Buy From a Baby Registry

If the shopper knows others going to the baby shower, it may be helpful to contact others to see if they want to help out with a big-ticket item.

Cribs, bassinets, and strollers are great baby shower gifts. Often costly, having multiple people contribute to one gift allows the purchase of these larger baby shower gifts. When buying a high chair make sure to consider the giftee! If Momma will be breastfeeding, she may need the best high chair for baby-led weaning as opposed to a travel Mom needing a traveling high chair!

Purchases of clothes and diapers on a baby registry are always helpful to new parents as well. However, when purchasing these items, the shopper should consider buying larger sizes for the parents to be.

Infants stay in 3-6 month sizes and 6-9 month sizes for only a short time. Purchasers should consider getting the new parents 9-12 month sizes or larger.

Diapers make the best baby shower gifts, for sure.

However, consider buying size 2 or 3. This will allow the parents to continue to have items to enjoy and use after the first few months home with the baby.

What Not to Buy From a Baby Registry

Shoppers should avoid purchasing one common item on baby registries – a car seat. Car seats must be fitted to specific vehicles. Some car seats can not be properly secured in certain vehicles.

Unless the gift buyer has access to the parent’s vehicles to fit the car seat, a better option would be to purchase a gift certificate or offer to take the parents shopping for a seat.

It’s just best to stick to the best practical baby shower gifts below when trying to gift baby essentials.

Other Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Shopping from a baby registry is an easy way to see what the parents have asked for. Many first time parents will not have some critical items on them. All new parents will eventually need hair brushes, nail clippers, baby wipes, and medicines.

These items are less exciting to register for, and often don’t make the registry.

baby shower gift ideas

Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower gift does not have to be purchased. For close friends and family members who live close by, some additional ideas would be to give coupons good for babysitting, home-cooked meals, a housekeeper for a few weeks, or some other token which would be helpful to new parents.

Adjusting to life with a new baby, while a joyous occasion, is a big change for most parents, and an opportunity to nap while someone else cares for the baby is often welcome.

A Packed Diaper Bag

While diaper bags may be a popular baby shower gift, and may even be something a new mom registers for, one packed with baby gear, like all of the things that a new mom will require, can be a very thoughtful and well-received gift for the beginning of a baby’s life.

Fill a new diaper bag with a pack of portable wipes, scent concealing bags to place dirty diapers in, disposable changing pads, a small tube of diaper cream, and an extra burp cloth and a light blanket.

Oftentimes, these items are overlooked by new moms until the moment they are needed, so think ahead and be remembered for the thoughtful gift for years to come.

Flannel Burp Cloths

New babies can go through several burp clothes in a day. Chances are that even if a new mom has bought some for herself, she hasn’t bought enough. Thick, flannel burp cloths are well absorbent and can stand up to countless washings. This makes them invaluable to new moms.

Light Weight Blankets

Along with burp cloths, lightweight blankets are one of the things that a new mom cannot have too many of. New babies may have a hard time maintaining their body temperature, and many light blankets are a great way of ensuring babies’ comfort while making sure there is always one clean blanket no matter how far behind in laundry the new mom gets.

Baby Leg Warmers

These may seem like a trendy fad, but baby leg warmers can serve a very useful purpose. Worn with an onesie, they can help keep the babies’ legs warm in cool weather. They can also be put on over a baby’s pants and socks to help stop the cold air from leaking in around the socks in the wintertime.

Baby leg warmers will continue to fit until the child is well into kindergarten, making them a long-term gift.

Miracle Blanket

New babies frequently need to be swaddled to calm them and help them sleep. A sleep-deprived new mom may not be able to adequately do the job with a traditional swaddling blanket, so give her a Miracle Blanket.

These easy to use blankets can be put on quickly and will stay on all night, calming the baby and helping everyone get more sleep.

Clothes of Many Sizes

If purchasing clothing for the new baby, purchase items in multiple sizes. New babies grow extremely quickly, and it can be helpful to have items already in place in the next size or two up.

Go for light clothing that can be worn in layers, making them appropriate for all temperatures and weathers; this way a baby won’t outgrow a seasonal item before it is worn.

Gift cards to baby shops are also great to give as it gives a new mom a chance to purchase last minute things she may have overlooked. Remember that practical will get more and longer use than something that is merely decorative, and will be ruined with the first spit-up.

Think sensibly in giving a gift for a baby shower and know that the new mom’s life will be richer for it.

Take Advantage of a Baby Gift Registry

Luckily, most expectant parents create a baby gift registry to guide the gift giver in making choices. Choosing an item off of the gift registry is always a safe bet.

Purchasing a gift card for the store that carries the baby gift registry is also a valid alternative; the new mother could use the gift card to purchase desired registry items that no one purchased or perhaps use it to purchase baby necessities such as diapers or wipes (if the store carries those) after the baby is born.

What If Mother Didn’t Register for Baby Gifts?

If the mother-to-be didn’t register for baby gifts, this poses a slight dilemma. Baby shower gift possibilities are endless!

A well-intentioned gift giver will have to consider the mother’s personal taste as well as try to guess at what others have purchased for the baby.

Aside from encouraging the mother-to-be to create a baby registry, a shower guest should use common sense when choosing a gift. One tactic could be to simply ask the expectant mother what she would like as a gift.

so many amazing present ideas to take to a baby shower

Beyond that, here are two gift options.

Buy a personalized baby present

If the sex of the baby is known, the gift could be gender-specific, such as a cute dress for a girl or a piggy bank painted blue for a boy. If the mother has shared the baby’s name, the gift could be personalized with the baby’s name.

Personalized baby gifts include a monogrammed diaper bag, embroidered baby blanket, or wall decoration that incorporates the baby’s name.

Buy newborn necessities

Regardless of the baby’s name, gender, or birth date, all babies require certain items. A practical gift could be to place an assortment of newborn care items in a small wicker clothes basket lined with a cute printed material. The entire gift is useful, including the basket.

Any expectant mother would be delighted to receive a basket full of wipes, ointment, tearless shampoo, lotion, a baby hairbrush, a travel toiletry kit for baby, or any combination of these items.

A nice twist to this gift idea would be to include one fun item such as a rubber duck.

Don’t Forget a Gift Receipt for Baby Shower Gift

A mother who didn’t create a baby gift registry will likely receive duplicate items because baby shower guests may not know what the others are buying or what the mother already has.

Prevent the heartache of potentially not being able to return a duplicate present by including a gift receipt.

Baby gift registries make shopping a breeze for shower guests. If one isn’t available, simply save the receipt in case the expectant mother needs to return or exchange the gift.

Above all, remember that personalized gifts or newborn necessities are fairly safe bets.

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Friday 4th of December 2020

Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas