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July Baby Shower Ideas

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July is one of those months that falls perfectly smack dab in the middle of summer. And what that means for you is that you have a ton of great options for July baby shower ideas!

When coming up with unique and fun baby shower ideas, you can go the summer route for great options for decorations, or instead, think about having a patriotic or red, white and blue baby shower!

red white and blue baby shower

Having a patriotic July baby shower is so much fun! Not only can you celebrate one of the most fun holidays during the summer (4th of July) but you can also have some really cool ideas at your baby shower as well.

If you’re looking for some ideas for patriotic fun, you’ll love these unique July baby shower ideas! Note: some of the below links include affiliate links.

July baby shower ideas

Who knew that there were so many unique and fun baby shower ideas out there?! If you’re wanting people to understand and know the theme of your patriotic baby shower, you’ll love these awesome Patriotic Baby Shower invitations! You can go with the fireworks theme or the red, white and blue aspect option as well.

Honestly, decorating for a July baby shower is actually pretty simple. Like I stated earlier, you can go for the summer theme or patriotic, whatever works best for you.

And if you’re a fan of streamers, how simple is it to decorate your home room with red, white and blue streamers and balloons? Not only that, but you can then branch out even more and add in some other cool party decorations which you can find here

One of the best parts of hosting a baby shower in the summer is that you can get really creative with all the food choices! Take a look at these awesome Firework Pretzel Rods! Not only are they super simple to make, but they’re easy to grab and eat as well. 

If you’re able to hold your baby shower at night, you can even light up the sky with some real fireworks, if you want! How cool would that be to wow your family and friends with some truly beautiful colorful fireworks?

And if you’re able to do it safely, have some sparklers for the younger kids to enjoy. There’s just something so magical and fun about being able to have your own sparkler. But please, save the stink bombs for a later point in time! 

baby shower them ideas for July

There’s no denying the fact that it’s hot outside during the summer months, so one fun and “cool” treat that you could make and have on hand would be Patriotic Ice Cream. Everyone, no matter what age, loves a good Popsicle. Plus, these are super simple to make! 

Red, White, Blue Party Foods:

You can’t just have ice cream at this baby shower. Check out some of our other Red, White, and Blue appetizers and desserts that would be perfect for a July Baby Shower.

Don’t forget the party favors! Send your guests off with a ton of great fun with some of these 4th of July party favors. You can fill up a small bag, or a bag one if you want, and they’ll have a blast playing with them all for days to come.

You can also add in anything else that you can think of as well:

…you name it! 

fun ideas for a July baby shower

Having a baby shower in July is so much fun! Celebrate the fact that you have an absolute blank canvas to work with.

You can go summer themed, patriotic theme or even a pool party theme if you want! With it being your baby shower, you seriously have endless options to make it awesome.

Just make certain that you set it up properly so everyone will have the best time possible. Good food, fun, and friends are the trio needed to make a fun and memorable baby shower! 

July baby shower ideas

More Fun Baby Shower Themes:

Not crazy about the above theme ideas? No worries! We have LOADS of baby shower party ideas here at 3 Boys and a Dog. Here are a few of our top picks:

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