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Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

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Do you often feel like that pregnant belly of yours feels as though it full of many different jungle animals running around? Welcome to the world of pregnancy! Enjoy every moment of it while you can because it’ll be over before you know it! If you’re interested in jungle baby shower ideas then you’ve come to the right place!

One fun aspect of being pregnant? Being able to have an awesome and epic baby shower! More than likely, you’ve had a few baby shower theme ideas…right? There are so many great baby shower ideas for boys.

If you’ve been leaning towards a Jungle Theme Baby Shower or a safari themed, here are some awesome tips and ideas that you can incorporate!

Baby shower ideas and tips for a Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme Baby Shower

Finding or creating safari jungle baby shower invitations is so much fun! Welcome your little monkey or give a big roar for your baby boy to be born with these fun jungle theme invitation ideas! With all the amazing jungle animals to choose from, you can have a lot of fun with this! You could go for elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, zebras. The list is almost endless. You should also give some thought to the types of colours and illustration you’re going to go for. Jungle designs tend to be bright, but you could go for a simple child-like jungle design, or something more live-like.

Don’t forget the jungle decorations! Think bad and bold when it comes to celebrating! There are so many adorable party decorations out there that you just can’t go wrong. Add as many as you want. You could go for streamers, banners and balloons. Why not add some inflatable jungle animals to the fun as well.

While everyone is there to celebrate you and your little bundle of joy, don’t forget about sending them home with some yummy gift bags stuffed full of goodies as well. These jungle themed gift bags are just too cute and make it super simple to pack in some treats for them to enjoy later. You could add a slice of safari-green cake, sweets and other edible treats.

Isn’t half the fun of having a baby shower getting to announce it loud and proud to everyone you know? These adorable yard signs will show everyone your theme proudly and also be a great way for your guests to know where to go!

Don’t skimp on the cake! Think of your baby shower cake as a blank canvas that you can create whatever you want. This jungle themed cake is certain to make everyone go “wild!”

If you have little ones attending your baby shower, it’s important to have fun activities and things for them to do as well. And what better idea than a jungle themed candy bar? Can you imagine having a ton of jungle animal candy options for the kids to fill up their goodie bags with? They’ll go bananas over this simple activity! Nothing like loading ’em up with sugar and sending them home.

And if those kiddos have a ton of energy to burn, introduce them to some of these jungle games as well. Who wouldn’t want to play Monkey Tag?

Another great idea is to have coloring pages printed out with jungle animals on them. That way, everyone can create their own coloring page and color it however they would like, and then you can save it for a fun baby shower memory book project. Wouldn’t it be neat to have all those coloring pages later in life for your little one to see?

Be sure to check out these DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces for a fun homemade baby shower decor idea!

If you were feeling adventurous, you could put a large piece of paper in the centre and let the kids go wild with the paints and create a design. You will probably end up with an array of children’s feet rather than monkey feet, but the kids are sure to enjoy it!

Don’t forget that your guests will be thirsty as well! This Junge Juice punch is seriously the perfect addition to your jungle theme baby shower! You can make a kid-friendly version or even add a little “kick” for the adults who aren’t pregnant as well!

These Printable Jungle Themed Candy Bar Wrappers are the perfect way to make a sweet treat for your guests!

If you’re looking for a great idea for gifts, these Jungle themed baby shower gift ideas are certain to be a hit! If somebody has opted for this theme when throwing a shower, then you can almost guarantee that safari animals will feature in the baby’s nursery. You don’t have to go for a stuffed animal either. You could look for bunting, figurines, pictures and toys as an alternative.

Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

If you are into baby shower games, have everyone give their best jungle animal “roar”, “ribbit” or other animal calls loud and proud. It’s certain to be a good time with a ton of laughs.

Don’t forget to have these Jungle Themed Baby Shower Favor Boxes as a fun gift idea for your family and friends!

This theme is just so fun. The colours are bright, the games are playful and it’s a theme that isn’t too serious either! This is also a great theme idea if you don’t know the baby’s sex, as there’s no pink and blue in the jungle!

Have so much fun planning out your jungle theme baby shower. There are so many fun ways that you can incorporate all the jungle animals that you’ll never run out of unique ideas! Go crazy, go banana’s and have a blast welcoming your new little baby into your household jungle! Celebrating is always so much fun!

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