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Find the Letter Worksheets

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Over the past few years, I have written find the letter worksheets only at Holiday time.  Well, I have found that you guys LOVE them!  So, now that my Dolch Sight Words are done, I thought it was time to start a new non-seasonal series. 🙂  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a single letter!  I will be building this page over time to include more and more letter find worksheets.

These Find the Letter Worksheets will help you reinforce the alphabet and help your child to recognize all letters of the alphabet among many other letters. Use these alphabet worksheets as a great way to help with letter learning.

Find the Letter Worksheets

The best thing about these letter learning worksheets is that they work on uppercase and lowercase letters as well as help to give extra practice for letter recognition. All of these alphabet printables really are fun letter finds for kids!

If you decide that you want to laminate the worksheets, this makes them behave like a dry erase board so that they can be used over and over again! It’s a great way to save on paper and time!

Find the Letter Worksheets:

The following Find the Letter Worksheets are sorted in ABC order below making it easiest for you to go straight to the letters your kid struggles with!

The worksheets can be used in a lot of different ways. You can have the kids use dot markers to find the letter on the sheet. They’ll love being independent in this learning activity as well as finding all the letters.

I put these in alphabetical order for you to start at the top and work your way down. This is a great way to really put focus on the varying alphabet letters so that the kids can understand them, learn about them, write them, and memorize the order.

Letter A

The letter A is the first letter of the alphabet and one of the most versatile letters in the English language. It can be used to represent a wide range of sounds, from the short, sharp sound of “a” as in “apple” to the long, drawn-out sound of “a” as in “ache”.

In addition, the letter A can be used as a vowel or a consonant, making it one of the most versatile letters in the alphabet.

The letter A also has a long history, dating back to the Phoenician alphabet from which it was derived. Today, the letter A is used in countless languages and is an essential part of our Alphabet.

  1. Over 15 Find the Letter A Worksheets
  2. A is for Angelfish
  3. A is for Angels
  4. At The Beach Letter Find Worksheets
  5. Printable Letter A Book

Letter B

The letter B is the second letter of the alphabet. Its name comes from the Latin word “bi,” which means “two.”

The letter B has a unique shape that is different from any other letter in the alphabet. It is believed that this shape was originally based on the two horns of a bull.

The letter B is also one of only a few letters that are symmetrical. This means that it can be divided into two equal halves.

The letter B is often used to represent the number two, as in the phrase “two by four.”

The letter B has a long history and has been used to represent a variety of concepts and ideas.

  1. B is for Beach Ball
  2. B is for Bells
  3. B is for Betta
  4. B is for Birds
  5. B is for Bubbles
  6. B is for Butterflies
  7. B is for Butterflyfish
  8. B is for Bunny Worksheet

Letter C

The letter C is the third letter of the alphabet and has a variety of different pronunciations depending on the word in which it is used.

When pronounced as a hard sound, as in the word “cat,” it is produced by pressing the tongue firmly against the back of the teeth and then releasing it to form a plosive consonant.

The soft sound, as in the word “cello,” is made by placing the tongue behind the upper teeth and allowing air to flow around it, producing a fricative consonant.

In addition to these two common sounds, C can also be pronounced as an s sound, as in the word “city”.

As one of the most versatile letters in the English language, C can be found in many different words and has a variety of different uses.

  1. C is for C3 P0
  2. C is for Capuchin
  3. C is for Capybara
  4. C is for Candy Cane
  5. C is for Castle (sand castle)
  6. C is for Chewbacca
  7. C is for Chick
  8. C is for Clover
  9. C is for Corn
  10. C is for Cow
  11. C is for Crab
  12. C is for Cupid
  13. Letter C Printable Book

Letter D

The letter D is the fourth letter of the alphabet and has many different uses.

In English, the letter D is used to represent the voiced alveolar stop, which is a type of consonant sound.

The letter D is also used as a symbol for the Roman numeral 500, as well as in mathematical equations to represent differentiation.

The letter D can also be found in many company logos, such as in the logo for Dunkin’ Donuts.

  1. D is for Darth Vader
  2. D is for Dog
  3. D is for Dolphin
  4. D is for Donald Duck
  5. D is for Donkey
  6. D is for Donald Duck
  7. The Letter D Worksheets

Letter E

  1. E is for Earth
  2. Letter E is for Elephant
  3. E is for Elf on the Shelf
  4. Letter E Preschool Worksheets
  5. Letter E Printable Book

Letter F

  1. F is for Frogs
  2. F is for Disney’s Frozen
  3. Printable Letter F Book
  4. The Letter F Worksheets

Letter G

  1. G is for Goat
  2. G is for Goldfish
  3. G is for Goose
  4. G is for Gourds
  5. G is for Green
  6. My Printable Letter G Book
  7. Letter G Worksheets for Preschool

Letter H

  1. H is for Han Solo
  2. H is for Hearts
  3. H is for Hen
  4. H is for Holstein Cow
  5. H is for Horse
  6. My Printable Letter H Book
  7. Letter H is for Hedgehog Printables
  8. Letter H is for Hippopotamus Printable Activities

Letter I

  1. I is for Iguana
  2. I is for Indian
  3. Letter I Worksheets for Early Learners

Letter J

  1. J is for Jaguar
  2. J is for Jellyfish
  3. J is for Jersey Cow
  4. My Printable Letter J Book

Letter K

  1. K is for Kite
  2. Letter K Worksheets for Preschool
  3. Printable Letter K Book
  4. K is for Kite Worksheet Set

Letter L

  1. L is for Leprechaun
  2. L is for Life Ring
  3. L is for Limerick
  4. L is for Luke Skywalker
  5. L is for Lion Worksheets
  6. Printable Letter L Book for Preschoolers
  7. Letter L Worksheets for Preschoolers

Letter M

  1. Over 15 Find the Letter M Worksheets
  2. M is for Mayflower
  3. M is for Mexico
  4. Letter M Printable Worksheets
  5. Printable Letter M Book
  6. Letter Matching Worksheets

Letter N

  1. N is for Nest
  2. N is for Nutrition
  3. Letter N Worksheets
  4. Printable Letter N Book
  5. N is for Nest Worksheet

Letter O

  1. O is for Octopus
  2. Letter O Worksheets
  3. Letter O is for Orange Worksheets
  4. Printable Letter O Book

Letter P

  1. P is for Peanuts
  2. P is for Pig
  3. P is for Pilgrims
  4. P is for Pink
  5. P is for Piranha
  6. P is for Pirate
  7. P is for Princess Leia
  8. P is for Pumpkin
  9. Letter P Preschool Worksheets
  10. Letter P Handwriting Worksheets
  11. Printable Letter P Book

Letter Q

  1. Q is for Quilt
  2. Printable Letter Q Book
  3. Preschool Letter Q Worksheets

Letter R

  1. R is for R2 D2
  2. R is for Rainbow
  3. R is for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  4. R is for River Dolphin
  5. R is for Rooster
  6. R is for Rainbow Worksheets

Letter S

  1. S is for Scarlet Macaw
  2. S is for Sea Turtle
  3. S is for Sheep
  4. S is for Sloth
  5. S is for Snorkeling
  6. S is for Strawberry
  7. S is for Sunglasses
  8. S is for Sweethearts

Letter T

  1. Over 20 Letter T Worksheets
  2. T is for Tapir
  3. T is for Toucan
  4. T is for Tulips
  5. T is for Turkey
  6. T is for Turtle

Letter U

  1. U is for Umbrella

Letter V

  1. V is for Valentine
  2. V is for Vampire Bat
  3. V is for Vegetables

Letter W

  1. W is for Watermelon
  2. W is for Wishbone
  3. W is for Witch

Letter X

  1. X is for Xylophone

Letter Y

  1. Y is for Yellow
  2. Y is for Yoda

Letter Z

  1. Z is for Zoo

Find The Letter Activities and Crafts:

Once you get through all the fun free printable alphabet activity ideas above, it’s time to work on some other fine motor skills and activities! You can easily have a craft day for the kids at home so that they can craft while working on letter skills!

Activities and Crafts by Letter

The following crafts below are fun and simple to do and are great for kids of all ages! Plan a day to spend the afternoon crafting with the options below.

A is for Apple

C is for Cupcake

Letter Q Activities

L is for Leafy Tree

Otter Activity Worksheets

Q is for Quack

Q is for Queen

Printables and Activities for the Letter T

Activities and Crafts for the entire alphabet

Use these to have more learning fun! Fun find and color to letter matching, these black and white printables are the best! Use them to help your child learn even more about the alphabet!

ABC Letter Matching Game

Alphabet Books for Kids

Alphabet I Spy Road Trip Printable

Billboard ABC Order Road Trip Printable

Cursive and Print Letter Matching

Letter of the Week Activities

Letter of the Week Printables

Enhance Your Alphabet Learning:

Looking for more fun items to help you in teaching your kids about the Alphabet? Check out my top picks from Amazon!

Alphabet Books for Kids

Need some fun book recommendations? I’ve got some great ones via the affiliate links below.

  1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  2. Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters
  3. Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

Educational ABC Goodies for Kids

Need even more learning fun? I’ve got you covered with this super fun games and ideas! These are great for family game night and are great for the kids!

  1. Alphabet Go Fish Matching Card Game
  2. #1 Best Seller! Alphabet Bingo Games
  3. The Learning Journey Match It! Alphabet Memory

More Resources for Preschoolers:

If you’re looking for even more resources for preschoolers, make sure to check out these other fun learning options. You can never have too many learning printables and activities for the kids.

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