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Dolch Sight Words Worksheets: Week 22

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We did it!  This is the final week of the Dolch Sight Words Worksheets!  Are you amazed? 220 sight words later – your kids should be able to read tons of books now.  If not, no worries!  You can start over – or just do some reinforcing.  Gather all 220 of your Dolch sight word flash cards and go through them.  If your child doesn’t say the word within 2 seconds set it aside.  After you have gone through all of them, take the ones that your child didn’t immediately recognize and just work on those words.

You can find past Dolch Sight Words Worksheets here: All Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

words like: together, start, small

Click the above image to download and print.

Dolch Sight Words Worksheets Included:

  • Flash Cards
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Coloring Page
  • Matching
  • Instructions for use

List of Dolch Sight Words Includedseven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try

Dolch Sight Words Level: Third Grade Level You can find past Dolch Sight Words Worksheets here: All Dolch Sight Words Worksheets

Dolch Sight Word Games & Books:

Here are a few of my top picks to help you reinforce the sight words to your kids!

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