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Find the Letter A Worksheets

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Learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet is one of the biggest steps toward learning to read. So it’s natural for preschoolers to spend a lot of time working with alphabet worksheets. Once they learn to say the entire alphabet, it’s a good time to help them spot individual letters wherever they see them. After all, spotting letters is basically introductory reading!

And that’s why these find the letter A worksheets are so great! You can print them out and let the kids use them to practice finding the letter A and other letters, even when they’re surrounded by different characters or even hidden in pictures! Try some of these for an easy preschool lesson!

Want to try even more alphabet practice with the kids? Take a look at these fun and simple Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers!

Find the Letter A Worksheets

Find the Letter A Worksheets:

1. This printable Find the Letter: A is for Angels activity is perfect for a Letter of the Week A unit!

2. Challenge kids to find the letters as quickly as possible with these Letter A Hunt Worksheets!

3. Hand out some dot markers to use with these Letter A Dot Marker Worksheets!

4. Use these A to Z Letter Find Worksheets to spot the letter A, plus all the other letters too!

5. Get more dot marker fun with these printable Spot and Dot Alphabet Pages!

6. Or try these ABC Dot Letter Find Printables! If you laminate them, you can use them over and over again!

7. Learn about the letter a sound with these A is for Apple Letter Worksheets!

8. These ABC Letter Find Printables make it easy to play a game of hide and seek, even when you’re indoors!

Find the Letter A Worksheets and Printables

9. This printable Find the Letter A Nursery Rhyme Worksheet is a fun way to help kids memorize basic rhymes!

10. These Find and Trace the Letters Coloring Pages make it simple to combine handwriting, letter practice, and art!

11. Try some of these Spring Letter Find Worksheets this spring!

12. Play a classic game of Bingo with these Alphabet Letter Find Bingo Sheets!

13. Make a few copies of these Find the Letter Alphabet Pages to use as kids learn their letters!

14. Learn to build small words with these Find the Missing Letter Alphabet Worksheets!

15. These Hidden Color by Letter Printables are so cool! Kids will love searching the pictures for the hidden letters!

16. Add these printable Outer Space Letter Seek and Find Coloring Pages to an outer space unit!

Find the Letter A Worksheets for Kids

Find the Letter A Worksheets and Resources:

Need more practice working with letters? Try these Amazon affiliate resources with your kids!

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Free Printable Tracing the Letter A Worksheet

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